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Write for Love – It is not always possible

Why do I write?

My brain is a miraculous thing. There are times I marvel at my thoughts. That’s why I write!

Today, I didn’t get to write like I wanted to do, but I did do some busy prep to help my websites stay approved and accessible.

Because of the time involved, I didn’t get to put down those thoughts that woke me at 5 a.m. this morning. But then, whoever has the chance to write their words without interruptions, they are very lucky souls.


Next week, I had a goal. It was to send out book two – DarkShadow – a work in progress – to my editor. Sadly, I haven’t gotten the last act written. Though, I know what I want to do, say, have happen, and explore.

The first fifteen pages are crafted, edited, and sent off to my writing leader for the writing retreat I am going on next week. My editor, well, she will get Acts One and Two when I go on the road. Act Three will not be finished as planned. So goes the writing life!

Writer’s Retreat

Where am I going? — Nimrod Hall. It is like the emblem of ancientness of Virginia. I am so excited and freaking scared.

How will I do? Will I fit in with the other writing gurus I will be connected with in real time? What can I offer that is important? I mean, after all, most of them are probably good writers. Me, not so much. Not even close. I’m a wanna-be writer that took it on the cuff to try to learn an elusive craft.

Oh, I’ve been traditionally published — academic publication as well as a book that was billed as a supplemental reader. The challenges I faced during the writing and publication of the supplemental reader were unbelievable. It was put on me, and my co-author friend, to market our book. We did a tremendous amount of editing and design work. That wasn’t really all bad until you realized how much of the royalties would go to the publishing company.


Having felt that pain, I realized that self-publishing was the way to go for the time on task. Why should I give 90% of my royalties to a publishing company when they didn’t even do the marketing, let alone, the editing, the design, the whatever.

So, I bit the bullet and wrote my stories my way. And, I feel good about what I’ve written. Oh, I used editors, beta readers, and I modified my stories according to feedback. Are they literary award winners? Absolutely not. I didn’t write for that goal. I wrote to tell a story. Did I succeed? I hope so, but only my readers will tell me. Some have, some haven’t.

Now, I’m writing my second series, and I find that I am just as weak-kneed as when I started my first book. I’m scared. I’m alone. And, I hope that my writing reaches someone. That is the goal. That I touch someone’s soul in that special way. That he or she will want to read more of my writings.

Will I succeed? I pray so. I’ll only know when the reader lets me know. Those moments are rare, but I cherish each one!

Motto – Write!

Write on! That is the motto! Live strong and prosper is the reward!

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Until next time, I am

Pam in her garden.
Fun Image: Pam in her garden enjoying a break!

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Celebrating Summer 2019! Free eBooks for You!

Summer 2019 is here! Happy June 21 to you!

To help us celebrate, you will find below a link to a collection of FREE eBooks. These eBooks are available to you for a limited time, so check it out. In addition, you can get a free eBook from me. Read on to learn how to get your copy of The Gist of It! And, there is an update about the progress of The Chronicles of Eldershire – DarkShadow, the second book in the fantasy journey of KC Carson.

FREE eBooks from Thriller Authors

The awesome thriller author, JA Konrath (author of the Jacquleine Daniels series) created a new website, contacted a bunch of his bestselling author friends, and is offering a collection of FREE eBooks from June 21 through June 25, 2019.

Be sure you get JA Konrath (Joe) new eBook – What Happened to Lori – it is a new format of reading pleasure I think you will find enjoyable! I downloaded my copy to my Kindle a couple of nights ago and am reading it. Very entertaining in style and story! Joe is the leader in cutting edge approaches (IMHO).

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Pam’s FREE eBook

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Book 2 – DarkShadow Update

These last few weeks I’ve made significant progress with finishing Book 2 – DarkShadow. Wednesday, I managed to type out 4,400 words! It was a very productive day. Today, I’ve printed out Acts 1 & 2, and am reading through them, making notes of any loose ends. That way, when I begin writing Act 3, I’ll be sure not to leave something hanging. Then, I will spend the next week cranking out the final words for Act 3.

After that, the First Draft will sit for a few days to give my eyes time to rest. When I pick up the manuscript to finalize Draft Two, my words will be fresh to my eyes. The Second Draft, I will send to my editor and let her fingers work magic catching spelling, grammar, and continuity errors.

At that point, the revision process will take up the rest of my summer. It is hoped to have the revised draft out to my Beta readers by the end of August, if not sooner. Stay tuned! DarkShadow is getting closer!

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Hugs & Kisses from Mr Scruffy & Me!

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Book Reviews - Short, The Owl-Sword-Efil Stone

What I’m Reading…

Journaling - IndulgesLife is so busy, yet my heart-strings pull me to reading. I read many things, not just books, and listen to many things too. Lately, I’ve read a lot of magazine and newspaper articles and listened to podcasts of books and short stories and radio classic broadcasts.

A few years back, a dear friend, George, passed away unexpectedly. During the cleaning, clearing, and redistribution of his things, I was lucky enough to receive a pile of old magazines. I have thought about digging into those mags and seeing what treasures are buried there. But, that idea keeps getting pushed back on the “never-ending-to-do” list.

Then, yesterday, while skimming the New York Times, I came across this article about a serious collection of magazines owned by James Hyman of The Hyman Archive – All Good Magazines Go to Heaven. A fascinating read and as I read, I realized a visit to this archive would probably cause me to lose months from my life as I would get lost reading. Do yourself a favor, read this article and learn about The Hyman Archive.

During the free book give-away of The Fire Within, a reader reached out to me on my FaceBook Author page and asked me about the idea of exchanging reviews. The reader, Gino Cox, is an author too.

I’m a slow reader and its mainly due to the huge amount of reading I must do for my technical writing gigs that pay for my writing habit. Gino Cox is the author of Ice Cold. It is a good read. I’m about twenty percent through. Gino is patiently waiting on my review. As a sneak peek…get the book! It is one hell-of-a-ride. The Iceman is Ice Cold with revenge on his mind. The narrative is full of twists and turns. Just the kind of book you would enjoy.

Recently, while sitting in the Martin room, it dawned on me why I’m not checking off as many books on my reading list as I’ve done in the past. I’m no longer driving an hour back-n-forth from work every day. When I drove to work, I’d listen to books on tape. I miss that. It saved me all kinds of time and I was able to ‘hear’ many good books.

A good book I’ve ticked away at reading in small chunks is by one of my favorite authors, Sue Grafton. The book is W – W is for Wasted. Kinsey is at it again and it is such a good escape. Sadly, my slow reading has me several letters behind in Grafton’s series. If you’ve not read her series featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone, you are in for a treat.

A writing book I picked up and have found not only informative to read but a fun read too is James Scott Bell’s How to Write Pulp Fiction. His opening description:

“Type Hard. Type Fast. Make Dough. That was the formula of old-school pulp fiction—plot-driven, popular and gobbled up by a reading public hungry for more.”

sets the stage for an excellent learning experience. Of course, I’m very partial to his writing and love his fiction work as well. The link to his Pulp Fiction book will open doors to all of his work. If you enjoy a good thriller, his Mike Romeo thriller series is a must read.

As for audio listening, I do love listening to Radio Classics on Sirius-XM radio following Greg Bell’s wonderful playlists as well as a variety of podcasts, such as Myths and Legends by Jason Weiser.


The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone – Book One of The Chronicles of Eldershire

The countdown continues — today is 184!

Read & Write On!
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Mr. Scruffy's News

Mr Scruffy’s News – May

Mr. Scruffy
Mr. Scruffy, a dedicated owl who is Pam’s Muse.

Mr Scruffy here. How have you been? It has been a couple of months since I last visited Pam’s Blog. She’s been fighting a horrible cold, cough, and laryngitis for three weeks now. Ugh! This past weekend, she was finally able to get back into writing her latest novel, The Owl, The Sword, & The Efil Stone — Book One of The Chronicles of Eldershire. She’s making progress; she’s at about 40,000 words. Send her happy writing vibes so she can get more words written and catch up on reaching her goal of finishing the book before the end of the month! And, now…

On with the news

1. Find ways to help you write — Are you a writer? How do you find ways to help you stay on task when you have a writing goal? Let me recommend – Pursue your writing by writing in a journal. You know all “creatives” need a jolt to get them back on track, stay on track, or just walk the track. Here are a couple of writing support groups, people, and other links you may find useful:

  • Visit Sara Frandina – at her website: https://sarafrandina.com or on her FB page. Either way, check out her #justwrite offering! Amazing! It will help you to do as the name says — just write!
  • Find things that are good for you to learn and learn about them. What do you enjoy learning? Share in the comments section. I’ve fallen in love with TED Talks. Recently, I watched a very interesting one by Lisa Genova on things you can do now to help reduce the effects of developing Alzheimer’s. It is worth your time to have a listen!
  • Find foods you enjoy eating, and if new, give them a try. Pam loves to cook. She explores making different kinds of bread, making unique meals, and finding quick meals when her writing life is under deadline. Cooking from scratch takes gobs of time. Finding a good meal that is quick and healthy is the name of the game. Recently, she tried Eating Well frozen micro dinners. Generally, Pam is not a fan of eating frozen meals, but will use them when time is tight. Eating Well may have made her a convert. Her favorite one is the Chicken Pesto. As she said to me, “I couldn’t make this as good if I had cooked it myself from scratch, froze it, and then reheated it! Delish!”

2. Watching Bosch! It doesn’t matter if you like murder-mystery-crime-cop stories, you will love this series. I promise. Harry Bosch is the fictional character created by Michael Connelly and brought to life by Titus Welliver in the Amazon Prime series. Seasons 1 and 2 were exceptional, but I must say, Season 3 was outstanding! Pam said that she sure would love to develop a character as Mr. Connelly has done–keeping over 21 novels alive. She said she would definitely love to have an actor, such as Mr. Welliver play the fictional character she created. Powerful!

3. Make a wish. It is a fact that any author dreaming of hitting the big time has dreams and wishes. Pam’s wish is that an author, famous or not, finds her work and decides it is good enough to contact her, and strike up a conversation. How cool would that be? Who would she like to connect with? Oh, Michael Connelly, J. K. Rowling, David Hewson, and Ursula Le Guin to name just a few.

4. News from Hobbit’s Bend: Pam spent the last three weeks fighting a horrible cold/cough/laryngitis. Here’s her latest report—

“Since I began work on the first book of my speculative trilogy The Chronicles of Eldershire, I’ve re-read several fantasy novels I loved as a child. Books by Tolkien, Lewis, and L. Frank Baum. I’ve also read or am reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quintet, Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea series, and Ransom Riggs latest series Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children. Reading these books helps me see the creative juices of some great authors. My first book The Owl, The Sword, & The Efil Stone is set in the land of Eldershire. A parallel universe ruled by trees and plants. A wicked witch, Nukpana Fraener, is the antagonist. And, Kay “KC” Carson is the leading lady. I’m in the midst of the action of the novel now. I’m finding it exciting and scary at the same time. I can’t wait for my reading friends – beta readers – have a chance to give me their reaction!”

Pam went on to say she plans to have the first draft completed by the end of May. She will then be sending it out to her beta readers after it has been edited and revised. Stay tuned! Book One is getting closer!

Book One - Chronicles of Eldershire - Mr Scruffy's News

Thanks for reading…see ya soon!

Mr. Scruffy

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Hey! If you like what I’m sharing, leave a comment. Share what news you can use in the comment section below. Thanks and come back soon! Woot! Woot!

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