The Marine Letsco Trilogy

The Marine Letsco Trilogy explores Marine’s quest to figure out who she wants to be when she grows up. Her journey involves assassinations, arson, murder, and mayhem as Marine tries to calm the flames of her burning desire to know herself while she searches her soul to learn if she is who she wants to be. The three book series includes the titles of The Fire Within, The Fire of Revenge, and A Time for Fire.

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It’s a sure bet you’ve read that book reviews are important to authors. Consequently, a book review or a review of each book in the Marine Letsco Trilogy is critical to me as an author.

Unlike traditional publishing where there is a large corporation that helps to promote an author’s work, as an independent, I’m totally dependent on you!

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Don’t let the words – book review – distract you. This isn’t homework and it won’t be graded. Book reviews help readers find books that they love. Most people read the reviews before they take the step to purchase a book – or the back of the book – or read thoughts about a book online.

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Many hours go into the writing of my stories. As a result, I want to know what you think about them too. In short, help me write a series you will enjoy reading or one that you would share with family and friends.

Book Reviews not only help others find my books that result in sales, they result in helping me improve my writing, my craft, my career. Thus, the result is the next book will be better!

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