A Time for Fire

Book Three: A Time for Fire is intriguing. Imaginative. And exciting! Newberry brings the characters to life in her trilogy as she intertwines their lives and their adventures while bringing romance to the young Marine Letsco. As I turned the pages, the book brought laughter and suspense as the puzzle pieces came together. Read and Enjoy!

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Book 3 A Time for Fire available on Amazon
Available on Amazon in print and eBook formats

The other two books in the Marine Letsco Trilogy – The Fire Within & The Fire of Revenge.


A diabolical arsonist loves to puzzle around.

An enemy reveals she’s more evil than realized.

And, Marine must make hard choices.

A Time for Fire, book three of The Marine Letsco Trilogy, finds Marine using her fire investigator skills to thwart a diabolical arsonist destroying property and lives while trying to solve the puzzle of who is Aunt Jeannie after, and why does she hate Aunt Betsy.

What will the arsonist do next? Will Aunt Jeannie carry out her plan? Who else will complicate Marine’s life?

The fire within Marine roars to a fire of revenge as she realizes there is a time for fire.

Excerpt from A Time For Fire

Chapter One – Fire in the Rain

By the time she arrived, Marine Letsco, Fire Marshal, observed the crowd was still gathered watching the firefighters repack their hose after knocking down the blaze. One firefighter bent and gathered up the tools that had been used to put out the structure fire. A few of the spectators pushed the boundary of the black and yellow barricade tape, their necks craned to get the best view. A gurney rolled down the side road creaking as it rumbled over the gravel. A black zipper bag was folded and ready to receive its new occupant. There was another victim. The smell didn’t help.

Parking her newly acquired Chrysler Durango special service vehicle on the side street behind the Captain’s car, Marine continued to survey the crowd. Two days prior, the New Brook Fire Investigations team began to suspect an arsonist was at work after they determined a sixth fire shared patterns with five others.


The rain had stopped, but water had puddled. Her right boot slipped into it before she realized she had managed to park her car in the middle of one. The murky liquid lapped up against the leather. Thankfully, I had replaced my dress shoes with my duty boots. My feet felt clunky, she thought. The lace-up boots came midway up her calf. I hope I don’t stumble.

“Dang, Marine. Get your act together,” she chided herself. She reached back into the vehicle to retrieve her radio and notepad. She picked up her coffee cup and took a drink. Too cold and bitter. The smell of the fire caused her to wish she had taken time to study the recent fire reports before she was summoned to this one. She knew a trait of many arsonists was to linger and watch. Marine continued to observe the crowd, as she hoped she would spy him.


It had been six months since she was promoted. The day she saw her name on her Fire Marshal badge was a proud day. When she walked into the fire investigative offices located with the Evansham Regional Bomb Squad in New Brook, Virginia, she knew she’d found her calling. Chief Fire Marshal Edwin Altizer personally assigned her to determine if the recent fires occurring in the region were related or if they were the work of multiple arsonists.



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A Time for Fire is Available on Amazon
in paperback and eBook formats

A Time for Fire is the third book in the Marine Letsco Trilogy, a series full of intrigue, romance, and a little murder mixed with thrills to keep you turning the page, which is now available on Amazon.

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After you read about Marine’s final adventures in New Brook, plan to return and visit with Pam to learn about her new speculative fiction series The Chronicles of Eldershire.

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