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Write for Love – It is not always possible

Why do I write?

My brain is a miraculous thing. There are times I marvel at my thoughts. That’s why I write!

Today, I didn’t get to write like I wanted to do, but I did do some busy prep to help my websites stay approved and accessible.

Because of the time involved, I didn’t get to put down those thoughts that woke me at 5 a.m. this morning. But then, whoever has the chance to write their words without interruptions, they are very lucky souls.


Next week, I had a goal. It was to send out book two – DarkShadow – a work in progress – to my editor. Sadly, I haven’t gotten the last act written. Though, I know what I want to do, say, have happen, and explore.

The first fifteen pages are crafted, edited, and sent off to my writing leader for the writing retreat I am going on next week. My editor, well, she will get Acts One and Two when I go on the road. Act Three will not be finished as planned. So goes the writing life!

Writer’s Retreat

Where am I going? — Nimrod Hall. It is like the emblem of ancientness of Virginia. I am so excited and freaking scared.

How will I do? Will I fit in with the other writing gurus I will be connected with in real time? What can I offer that is important? I mean, after all, most of them are probably good writers. Me, not so much. Not even close. I’m a wanna-be writer that took it on the cuff to try to learn an elusive craft.

Oh, I’ve been traditionally published — academic publication as well as a book that was billed as a supplemental reader. The challenges I faced during the writing and publication of the supplemental reader were unbelievable. It was put on me, and my co-author friend, to market our book. We did a tremendous amount of editing and design work. That wasn’t really all bad until you realized how much of the royalties would go to the publishing company.


Having felt that pain, I realized that self-publishing was the way to go for the time on task. Why should I give 90% of my royalties to a publishing company when they didn’t even do the marketing, let alone, the editing, the design, the whatever.

So, I bit the bullet and wrote my stories my way. And, I feel good about what I’ve written. Oh, I used editors, beta readers, and I modified my stories according to feedback. Are they literary award winners? Absolutely not. I didn’t write for that goal. I wrote to tell a story. Did I succeed? I hope so, but only my readers will tell me. Some have, some haven’t.

Now, I’m writing my second series, and I find that I am just as weak-kneed as when I started my first book. I’m scared. I’m alone. And, I hope that my writing reaches someone. That is the goal. That I touch someone’s soul in that special way. That he or she will want to read more of my writings.

Will I succeed? I pray so. I’ll only know when the reader lets me know. Those moments are rare, but I cherish each one!

Motto – Write!

Write on! That is the motto! Live strong and prosper is the reward!

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Until next time, I am

Pam in her garden.
Fun Image: Pam in her garden enjoying a break!

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Reflections – Guest Blogger on Saturday, June 27

Hey Everyone!

I’ve got some awesome news to share!

I’ll be guest blogging for Janice Wald’s blog “Reflections” on Saturday, June 27. (NOTE: The link will NOT be live until Saturday morning.)

The post: Between Time is Where I Need to be Right Now will go live early Saturday morning. So plan to drop by for a visit, read it, and leave a comment.


Ask a question. I’ll be available from 5:00 a.m. until about 9:00 a.m. EST to interact with you live. I will also try to get on periodically throughout the day!

This is a real thrill for me as I’ve never been a guest blogger for someone before.

Ribbon-blue_FlourishPictures of my garden from harvesting blueberries and blackberries today:

The first picture is of a surprise. I had picked blueberries for about thirty minutes and I felt as though someone or something was looking at me. Was I surprised when I saw this baby praying mantis looking at me so intently. He turned his little head toward me just as I snapped my camera!

This baby praying mantis is about an inch long. He is resting on a blueberry bush leaf.
This baby praying mantis is about an inch long. He is resting on a blueberry bush leaf.

After I finished gathering several baskets of blueberries, I then moved over to the blackberries. They were more than ready for picking. I’m looking forward to making blackberry cobbler with these pretties. And happily, nothing surprised me among the bushes.

Blackberries ready for harvest
Blackberries ready for harvest.

Here’s hoping you have a glorious weekend and I see you on the ether!

Write on!

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