The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone

Book One of The Chronicles of Eldershire

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Book Cover_ The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone
Book One of The Chronicles of Eldershire


“Ouch! What’s going on?” KC jumped up and swung her arms in the air. The owl landed on a nearby branch

“If you weren’t so mean to my friend, Ish, I wouldn’t have done that to you.” The owl sat back on its haunches and appeared to smile.

“You’re kidding me, right? You have talking animals here too?” KC stood staring at the owl.

Ish laughed and said, “KC, I’d like you to meet Tiger Bubo Virginianus Scruffy. We call him Mr Scruffy; it’s easier. He’s my best friend. Mr Scruffy, this is KC. Glad you could catch up with us. Did you have a good night?”

“KC. Hmph. Is that even a name? You’ve got a lot to learn. All animals speak. In your world, animals speak only on Christmas Eve. You humans are too self-involved to understand that we are intelligent. Ish, I had a marvelous night.”

“Good, Mr Scruffy. We’ll talk more. Right now, we need to get to King Elder’s Camp. You fly ahead and keep an eye out for us. You can send me a message when you know the way is clear. Let’s run!”

KC watched as Mr Scruffy took flight. The sight of his wings flapping a couple of times, giving off no sound, yet lifting his large body up toward the tree canopy was bewitching. The rays of light glistened off his mottled plumage highlighting the grey and white coloring. He was beautiful. She turned and breathed in the smell of the fresh dew of the morning, and the sweet aroma of rich soil. She wished she could see all of the sky. Craning her neck back, watching Mr Scruffy move through the canopy, she wondered how high he would fly. She looked toward Ish, who had already started to run.

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Main Characters

Kay “KC” Carson

Book One introduces Kay “KC” Carson, a sixty-five year old woman who recently lost her second husband Jay-H, her son Bill, her daughter-n-law Marie, and Bill’s pet dog Boomer, in a traffic accident that she caused.

While mourning their loss, KC wishes for a chance to go back and change her earlier life that set her on a course to lose her family. Never believing wishes come true, KC is transported to a magical and enchanted land where she is sixteen again. To complicate her change, she learns she is in the strange and mystical land of Eldershire. A land filled with beautiful landscapes, magical mountains, and majestic forests and where wood spirits, nymphs, elves, and other beings co-exist. It is an enchanted adventure until KC learns she must go on a quest to retrieve the Efil Stone, the heart and life of the wood spirits of Eldershire. To make it worse, she must take the Efil Stone away from Nukpana, the evil Witch-Dragon. And, if she doesn’t succeed? What happens to the Elderwians? What happens to KC? Is her future in peril?

Mr Scruffy

A companion to KC, Mr Scruffy (no period on the mister – Mr Scruffy doesn’t like periods) is a loyal friend and a talking owl. His character is based on this image of Pam’s Mr Scruffy, who lives with her. Mr Scruffy’s friendship is important in KC’s life.

There is a saying in the land of owls, as long as the tree is in the ground, and the owl flies, do I pledge to you true friendship. I share this with you now.” 

~~Mr Scruffy from The Owl, the Sword, and the Efil Stone.

Mr. Scruffy with his mug
Mr Scruffy with his mug.

What’s Next?

The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone is done! Book One is on Amazon in print format and eBook format.

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