The Chronicles of Eldershire

Magic. Mysticism. Intrigue.

All in Eldershire!

The Chronicles of Eldershire is a speculative fantasy fiction series that includes Book One, The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone available for your reading pleasure. Book Two, DarkShadow is in final production stages with scheduled release of November 2019.

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Suppose that a woman, near retirement, travels to a magical and enchanted land where she is now sixteen, yet she retains all of her knowledge and experiences of her life on Earth.

What if while in this new world, she encounters evil forces through mysticism, magic, and numerology that forces her to make choices. Those choices change her life forever in her home world and cause harm to those she’s come to love in the new land. Will they alter her future?

Book 1: The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone

Begins with Kay “KC” Carson, during a dark and gloomy night, finding herself in the magical land of Eldershire. There she meets Ish, a wood sprite, and Mr Scruffy, a talking owl, and together they go on an enchanted adventure—one that threatens their lives and our world.

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Trees of light in the Wild Woods.

To read an excerpt see The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone

Book 2: DarkShadow

Assumption is a flaw we all have. There are times it serves us well, but taking for granted you know what is happening to you can sometimes cause you to be wrong, all because you make an assumption. KC is suffering from headaches; some would say they might have been severe migraines. She sees things that aren’t there, hears voices, and in general, she thinks, or is it assumes, she might be going crazy. When she seeks help for her affliction, KC comes to understand assumptions can be dark and dangerous and can cast shadows on her life. Return to the magical Land of Eldershire with Mr Scruffy, Iolair, and Gavin as they join with KC in a quest to rid Eldershire of a chilling and most despicable creature ever to walk amongst them—Nukpana Fraener.

Excerpt to DarkShadow is coming…

What’s Next?

Book One – The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone is available for purchase on Amazon.

Book Two – DarkShadow is available for purchase on Amazon.

Come back to learn about the progress made in writing The Chronicles of Eldershire. Visit Pam’s Blog to catch up on related stories, research findings, and to leave questions.

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