The Chronicles of Eldershire

Magic. Mysticism. Intrigue. All in Eldershire!

The Chronicles of Eldershire is a three-part speculative fiction series in process starting with book one, The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil StoneClick to see a color map of the Land of Eldershire or read the Words of Eldershire concordance.

Book Cover_ The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone

Suppose that a woman, near retirement, travels to a magical and enchanted land where she is now sixteen, yet she retains all of her knowledge and experiences of her life on Earth.

What if while in this new world, she encounters evil forces through the mysticism, magic, and numerology that forces her to make choices that change her life forever in her home world, cause harm to those she’s come to love in the new land, and alter her future?

The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone

begins with Kay “KC” Carson, during a dark and gloomy night, finding herself in the magical land of Eldershire. There she meets Ish, a wood sprite, and Mr Scruffy, a talking owl, and together they go on an enchanted adventure—one that threatens their lives and our world.

Photo by Jenna Beekhuis - The Chronicles of Eldershire
Trees of light in the Wild Woods.

Kay “KC” Carson

Book One introduces Kay “KC” Carson, a sixty-five year old woman who recently lost her second husband Jay-H, her son Bill, her daughter-n-law Marie, and Bill’s pet dog Boomer, in a traffic accident that she caused.

While mourning their loss, KC wishes for a chance to go back and change her earlier life that set her on a course to lose her family. Never believing wishes come true, KC is transported to a magical and enchanted land where she is sixteen again. To complicate her change, she learns she is in the strange and mystical land of Eldershire. A land filled with beautiful landscapes, magical mountains, and majestic forests and where wood spirits, nymphs, elves, and other beings co-exist. It is an enchanted adventure until KC learns she must go on a quest to retrieve the Efil Stone, the heart and life of the wood spirits of Eldershire. To make it worse, she must take the Efil Stone away from Nukpana, the evil Witch-Dragon. And, if she doesn’t succeed? What happens to the Elderwians? What happens to KC? Is her future in peril?

Mr Scruffy

A companion to KC, Mr Scruffy (no period on the mister – Mr Scruffy doesn’t like periods) is a loyal friend and a talking owl. His character is based on this image of Pam’s Mr Scruffy, who lives with her. Mr Scruffy’s friendship is important in KC’s life.

“There is a saying in the land of owls, as long as the tree is in the ground, and the owl flies, do I pledge to you true friendship. I share this with you now.” 

~~~Mr Scruffy from The Owl, the Sword, and the Efil Stone.


Mr. Scruffy and his mug
Mr Scruffy and his mug.

What’s Next?

The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone is done! Book One is on Amazon in print format and eBook format. Visit Appearances for book signing information.

Come back often to learn about the progress made in writing The Chronicles of Eldershire. Visit Pam’s Blog.

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