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The following are pics I wanted to share with my family, friends, and new friends I haven’t met yet! Some of the pics are featured in my novels in one way or another and are inspirational to me when writing. Hope you enjoy!

Archie's favorite tree featured in Pam's Pics.
Archie’s favorite tree – you will find this tree used in my header photo. Header art work by Julie.
Reed Creek in the snow - an inspirational pic used to enhance my writing moods.
Reed Creek during the snow storm of Dec 09, 2018 – inspirational pic
Yellow Brick Road from Emerald Mountain, NC featured in Pam's Pics and a wonderful writing retreat.
Yellow brick road at Oz on Emerald Mt., NC. Visited this lovely place with my friend, Rosa. It made for a wonderful writing retreat!

Check back often and learn more about how these pictures are used within Pam’s Blog or through Pam’s Newsletter. Pam has several boards on Pinterest where she pins pictures she finds that speak to her about her book ideas as well as her hobbies! You may want to visit her boards. Feel free to share suggestions for pictures, videos, and music links! Visit Pam’s Pinterest page for the latest new pin.

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Write on!
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2 thoughts on “Pam’s Favorite Pics”

  1. Great pictures! I especially like the one of the tree with just a few branches on one side. It shows determination to continue.

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