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The Chronicles of Eldershire — DarkShadow

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8 Replies to “Appearances”

    1. Hey, Tammie! Missed seeing you, but do understand! Yes! Hobbit King and I need to make plans to connect with you and “Steve,” real soon! Can’t wait to share Mr. Scruffy and KC’s story with you! Hugs!

    1. Hello, Billy! So good to hear from you! Have a couple book signings coming up this fall. Will be posting them on the site as well as sending out a newsletter. Thanks for sending a note and for your support! Hope you are enjoying this most beautiful day! Cheers! Pam

        1. Hello, Pac! Thank you for signing on to my blog. My e-mail address is info at pambnewberry dot com. Hope you are doing well. My technical writing work has been extra heavy this past month, so I’m behind on finishing up my latest series. Cheers, Pam

          1. Dear Pam,

            Thank you very much for you email and I am glad that you are behind on finishing uo your latest series.

            Thank you!


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