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Book 2 – DarkShadow is Here!

The Chronicles of Eldershire

This last month I’ve been locked away in Darkness (See my post about it). DarkShadow, Book Two of The Chronicles of Eldershire was put through the KDP grindstone and released for publication November, 2019.

Cover - Book Two - DarkShadow - The Chronicles of Eldershire - Assumption made
Book Two available on Amazon in print and eBook formats

If you are new to my writing, and you like fantasy, begin with book one—The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone

A magical hat.

An owl.

A sword.

All come together in a quest that KC must take on—the quest of the Efil Stone. Efil is “life” spelled backwards. To learn more about KC’s journey after she is involved in a car crash that kills her immediate family, and she finds herself in the captivating land of Eldershire. Read on…

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This is so cool. I have never personally known an author. We go back a few years together and that makes this even more personal to me. I did read The Letter and just tonight begun the first of three. Now that I’m retired, reading has become much more enjoyable. Looking forward to getting back to book number one [The Marine Letsco Trilogy] in the morning. The Letter helped me bring back some of my old memories of the home !

Billy says …

Good Vibes from Glo

“My favorite author is Pam Brooks Newberry. Our meeting each other was by fate. I have the greatest respect for her– caring person nature, knowledge of different topics…her writing inspires me to find my own niche in life. Pam’s books are incredible writings always keeping me to hanging on to the next paragraph, next page, the next book. She is a gifted writer and am waiting for the sequel.” ~Love & Hugs my dear friend!! Glo

Glo says…