Glo and Edith visited with Pam at one of her book signings.

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New Series…
The Chronicles of Eldershire


Pam’s writing, editing, erasing, blogging, journaling, and doodling. Trying to get her second trilogy, The Chronicles of Eldershire, written. A few snapshots of the story for the first book–The Brooks Forest (working title): A magical hat. A sixty-three year old woman wants to die after she feels that she caused the deaths of her family. Wood sprites. Tree spirits. Crazy, wicked witch who thinks she’s a dragon, of all things. An owl that talks. A boy who should be a man. Will KC help to save the Elderwians and the Brooks Forest? How will she get home?

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Pinterest Folks:

Many of you are clicking this image from Pam’s Pinterest board:

Black workout outfit
Marine’s work clothes that she uses when she dresses for work as an assassin.

This image was used to help Pam frame a picture of Marine–her looks, her style, her approach to life–in her first novel, The Fire Within or for an excerpt.

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