Characters of Eldershire

The following is a look at the characters who make the world of Eldershire come to life:

Kay “KC” Carson ~

Book One introduces Kay “KC” Carson, a sixty-five year old woman from Stones Mill, Virginia, who recently lost her second husband Jay-H, her son Bill, her daughter-n-law Marie, and Bill’s pet dog Boomer, in a traffic accident that she caused.

While mourning their loss, KC wishes for a chance to go back and change her earlier life based on what she knows now that set her on a course to lose her family. Never believing wishes come true, KC is transported to a magical and enchanted land where she is sixteen again with all of her memories of her older life.

Upon being transported, she finds she is in the strange and mystical world of Eldershire. A place filled with beautiful landscapes, magical mountains, and majestic forests—where wood sprites, nymphs, elves, and other beings co-exist. She learns that Eldershire is the land where souls go to wait their next journey.

Despite Eldershire being a beautiful place, KC is alone—the only human. As a result, she must rely and learn from her companions—Mr Scruffy, Isherwood, and Iolair. They teach her that she has the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, and the spirit of a fairy. She learns how to have peace in her life undeterred by her battles with the evil-witch dragon, Nukpana Fraener.

Author note: No image provided as KC is a compilation of many souls I’ve encountered in my life ~~ maybe one of them is you!

Mr. Scruffy with his mug

Mr Scruffy ~

A companion to KC, Mr Scruffy (no period on the mister – Mr Scruffy doesn’t like periods) is a talking horned owl and a loyal friend. His character is based on this image of Pam’s stuffed animal Mr Scruffy and a dear friend’s dog whose name is Mr Scruffy. Mr Scruffy’s friendship and wise council is important to KC.

“There is a saying in the land of owls, as long as the tree is in the ground, and the owl flies, do I pledge to you true friendship. I share this with you now.”

~~Mr Scruffy from The Owl, the Sword, and the Efil Stone

An horned owl, Mr Scruffy’s full name is Tiger Beebo Virginianus Scruffy and is based on his scientific genesis. He embodies the Chinese Epigram, If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.

Another view of Mr Scruffy by Julie K.
This is another image Julie created of Mr Scruffy!

Nukpana Fraener - image of her in the forest by Julie K.

Nukpana Fraener ~

Nukpana comes from the Native American Hopi meaning evil, vindictive, unethical, manipulative, depraved, immoral, malevolent, wicked. Fraener, pronounced fray-ner or Fáfnir, is a variant form of Fafnir (Old Norse). It is an Old Norse myth name of a dwarf who transformed into a dragon, the symbol of greed.

Born a Blender—half witch and half Drakein, Nukpana can transform between one and the other at will. A Drakein is a winged serpent that flies and breathes fire, an early ancestor of the dragon. Her power comes from her ancestry. Nukpana is a mythological hybrid and the offspring of the union between descendants of Anzû and Lilith with Drakein ancestry.

Her weapon, besides magic, is Blazewing – a staff with a crystal at its apex that is made from a Draco elixir and part of Nukpana’s heart. Nukpana’s appearance is one that at first glance is a beautiful face with no flaws, except for a single scar along the back side of her left cheek that she keeps covered. Her lips are very red, and she has an excellent sense of style. She always dresses in an extravagant manner that shows off her sleek body, power, and status.

Most often, Nukpana wears black leather body suits with long sleeves that cover her long arms and knee high boots. The leather fabric forms into points at the end of her sleeves. The fabric touches her finger tips, which highlight her long fingers and nails, also painted red with a diamond stud in each right forefinger. She often wears a tail of fine organza fabric flowing behind her body suit that gives the illusion of a cape. She considers herself the Queen of wherever she walks. With all of her beauty, she exudes an ugliness that makes her look degenerated each time she commits an act of willful pride, cruelty, or wickedness.

The Four Snowquidians ~

“When the four Snowquidians arrive, don’t be uneasy, and try not to reveal your surprise. They are sensitive about their differences—looking like snowmen.”


The Four Snowquidians live in the land of Snowboro, farther north of King Elder’s camp. It is important to know that the Four Snowmen are one of the most exalted fighting units in
the whole of Eldershire and are in reference to The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but in a gentle way. Each of the Four Snowquidians is based on a particular snowman figurine, which is part of a collection that Pam adores.

Image by Pam of Seif, a Snowquidian from Snowboro

Seif ~

Seif has a round bottom, a narrower bodice, and a perfectly round head. He wears a black top hat. In his mouth, he holds a corncob pipe, a red scarf is wrapped around his neck, and he wears a tight-fitting patchwork vest. Seif ’s left arm sticks out to the side, with a lantern in his hand. His right hand rests on his hip as though he is showing who is in charge.

Image by Pam of Foursure, a Snowquidian from Snowboro

Foursure ~

Foursure’s body wiggles when he walks and when he first meets someone new, he clicks his heels, which he does not have. Foursure is markedly different from Seif. His top hat has a broader rim; it is draped in snow with specks of sparkle dust. His mouth is made of five coals shaped in a smile; his eyes black and shiny, give an air of inquisitiveness. Both arms are out stretched as though in welcome, and large blue mittens on his hands sparkled with blue dust. A red plaid scarf is wrapped around his neck and drapes down his slender Snowquid body. At his feet are packages, a football, and another lone mitten. He looks jolly.

Image by Pam of Milo, a Snowquidian from Snowboro

Mylo ~

A striking Snowquid that reminds you of the grandmother in your life. Mylo’s arms stick out as though she could grab you and hug you close. She wears a blue bonnet tied snugly around her beaming face marked with a broad and happy smile. Her nose is a large orange carrot bent upwards. She has on a red flowing shirt that seems to have a life of its own as it bellows and glides when she walks. At her feet are hollies with red berries and a bucket of something that is hard to determine. Mylo’s overall appearance is one that will cause you to want to know more about her.

Image by Pam of Sam Slavetome, a Snowquidian from Snowboro

Sam ~

Sam Slavetomé, we just call him Sam, is the last of the Four Snowquidians. The second you see Sam, you know he is special. He has that kind of look. Like Mylo, his nose is made of a carrot that was longer than the others and bent upward. His mouth is made of seven pieces of coal that form a large smile.

He wears two scarfs—one a green plaid that wraps around his neck cozily and one that is a blue, white, and yellow woven scarf that drapes around him like a shawl. The second scarf was made by my great niece, Olivia. His hat is large, battered, and brown, more like an old farmer’s hat. And, like Mylo, he has stick arms, but Sam’s are in the form of tree branches. He also has four distinct shapes to his Snowquid body with four large black coal buttons making their way down his front.

Other Characters

Iolair ~

Iolair is a talking bald eagle that is the King of the Eagles of Eldershire and serves as a secret support (an Animal Spirit Guide) to KC when Mr Scruffy is missing.

He often shows up when KC faces challenges that requires laser sharp focus to help her get through to the other side of her problems. He was sent to KC by Mother Elder. Iolair comes in and out of the story at key points similar to the mechanical owl in Jason and the Argonauts. He serves as an oracle (prophet) offering advice at strategic points in KC’s story.

Iolair is inspired by what I learned about bald eagles during my research for this series. The Celtic meaning of the eagle is associated with the symbolism of water, and the intuitive oracle water serves. In some readings, I found that the ancestors of Celtic people observed the eagle’s magnificent ability to see into waters with miraculous clarity. It gives me comfort to think that the early Celtic peoples invoked the eagle for assistance in “diving in” the waters for treasures of wisdom.

Native wisdom honors the eagle for it’s ability to be a skilled hunter, and after studying the eagle for centuries, it was observed that the eagle knows how to gain what it needs in an efficient way, thus practicing conservation of its available resources. Eagles work smarter, not harder.

Iolair embodies the metaphor ~ We must be willing to get a little scorched if we are to achieve greatness. It’s only natural that every human eye that sees a bald eagle is enraptured by its regal presence.

The eagle imparts spectacular wisdom. You are encouraged to take purposeful, meditative time to connect with an eagle, and discover what kind of glorious insight it can share with you and embrace the symbolic eagle meaning of “Fly Higher.”

Isherwood ~

Isherwood is a wood sprite knight and the savior of KC when she is first transported into Eldershire. He goes by the nickname of Ish.

Ish’s Homeland is Eland, a home of the branch of wood sprites that are the spirit leaders of peace in the region. Eland is a forested land of many different trees located due east of King Elder’s Camp (See Map of Eldershire). The wood sprites are known to reside in other lands throughout Eldershire, but Eland is their main homeland.

Ish is a knight of his people, and is one promotion away from serving as the Prince of his land. His skills are many including that of a sharp shooter with the bow and arrow and an excellent swordsman and knife fighter. Ish proves to be an important friend to KC during her quest.

While listening to an old timey radio show on the internet, there was a cowboy character named Isherwood. He was described as handsome, had a kind heart, and dedicated his life to doing good. His name fit perfectly for the type of character I imagined. One day, I hope to capture an image of him.

CC image of Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil ~

In Eldershire, Yggdrasil, The Tree of Life, is an ash tree. It is the central force that connects and holds the life of Eldershire in its bounds as well as connects all other forms of the cosmos, including Earth and other planets. The holiest of beings, the branches of Yggdrasil extend far into the heavens and its three main roots extend far away connecting to many sacred trees and groves.

Yggdrasil is accepting and sometimes encourages Mother Elder’s meddling. However, he warns Mother Elder to use her interference sparingly or it may trigger more power for Nukpana and her evil forces.

In Viking and Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is the center of the Vikings’ cosmos, an ash tree growing out of the Well of Urd. Yggdrasil holds the Nine Worlds, home of gods, man, and all spiritual beings. The gods live in Asgard and Vanaheim and humans inhabit Midgard. Giants live in Jotunheim, elves in Alfheim and dwarves in Svartalfheim. Another is the primordial world of ice, Niflheim, while Muspelheim is the world of fire. The last world comprises Hel, the land of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel. To learn more, visit

CC image - Sacred Tree for Mother Elder

Mother Elder ~

Mother Elder, the Elder Tree is part of the triad—Yggdrasil, Mother Elder, and Efil Stone—that makes up the life force of Eldershire and all its inhabitants including the animals, plants, water, sun, and moon. One can find Mother Elder in The Land of Promise.

The character of Mother Elder is based on the idea that a spirit inhabits the Elder tree. This tree spirit holds the power to work a variety of magics in this world. It is the “Gateway Guardian”—a mixture of strength and protection, softness and light. Her skin, bark and outer wood are strong and hard, offering protection to the soft inner core. The sap is the blood of life and the dwelling place of the spirit.

The Myth of the Elder Mother states that if you fall asleep under an elder tree, you will dream of the faerie lands. The tree is used to protect against witches too.

When Elder wood is combined with the wood of the Yggdrasil, magic happens—the Efil Stone is created. The magic of Elder wood is the magic of juxtaposition, the place where opposites find synergistic expression.

Elder’s branches are hard and easily polished on the outside. Removing the soft, springy core is easy. For these reasons, woodwind instruments are often made with elder wood branches. It is said the music of the faeries and similar spirits use instruments made of elder wood. Faeries love the elder wood best. Elder wood burns quickly, producing a great deal of hissing and cracking. This is most likely why the gypsies held it taboo to burn Elder.

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