Pam’s Bio

Pam-Pink Hat - 04-08-17
Pam in her favorite hat singing, “When I’m sixty-four…”

Pam B. Newberry is the author of The Marine Letsco Trilogy, and The Chronicles of Eldershire and her memoir, The Letter: A Page of My Life.

If you like the books of Patricia Cornwell or Sue Grafton and the fantasies of the like of C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkein, you will enjoy Pam’s books.

Pam as a Wife, Mother, & Friend

The proud wife of her best friend, Albert. They make their home on their hobby farm, Hobbit’s Bend, in the southwest Appalachian mountains of Virginia. Together they have one daughter, Julie, who is the pride & joy of their union.

Besides typing out her next great novel on her computer or her Royal typewriter, Pam also can be found enjoying reading and is an eclectic hobbyist. She loves gardening (flower and vegetable), dabbling in stained glass projects, and fishing. A few summers ago she purchased her own waders so she could fly fish more often.

Recently, while remodeling a bathroom in their home, Pam decided she wanted a stained glass panel door installed. So, she broke out her handy glass cutter and began to design a glass piece based on a piece of art work Julie created for her. Her plan is to have it finished by late fall or early winter of 2019.

Pam’s Career

In a prior life, Pam was a mathematics, computer science, and technology education (Industrial Arts) school teacher and a technical writer. She has enjoyed a variety of careers since graduating from Andrew Lewis High School in Salem, Virginia where she grew up while living at the Virginia Baptist Children’s Home.

Being blessed with a life that is rewarding is no small thing. Pam appreciates the honors she received from her peers and colleagues – The Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics & Science (1993), Virginia Teacher of the Year – Mathematics (1994), The Albert Einstein Fellowship (1996) – along with a series of recognition for her life’s work and technical writings.

Through the years, Pam maintains her friendships with people far and wide. She enjoys receiving letters, notes, cards, and tries hard to stay up-to-date communicating with friends. Not to be one to shy away from her heritage, she is a child of the sixties through and through and loves all things nature, especially owls.

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