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I’m sure you’ve read that book reviews are important to authors. They are critical to me as an hybrid author, which means I’ve published traditionally and as an independent.

Unlike traditional publishing where there is a large corporation that helps to promote an author’s work, as an independent, I’m totally dependent on YOU!

Please share your opinion on Amazon or on Goodreads. Tell others and, in so doing, you are telling me…

Don’t get distracted by the words – book review – this isn’t homework and it won’t be graded. Book reviews help readers find books that they love. Most people read the reviews before they take the step to purchase a book – or the back of the book – or read thoughts about a book online.

Why are Book Reviews important to ME?

Book Reviews not only help others find my books that result in sales, they result in helping me improve my writing, my craft, my career. Thus, the result is the next book will be better!

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Whether you own an eBook, a print book, or an audible book, all you need is an account at a book retailer that sales my books. In my case, it is that company called A – M – A – Z – O -N!

You can also leave a review on Goodreads, as long as you are a member. And, of course, you can leave your thoughts HERE!

Offering a 5-star rating is good where five stars means you really liked (loved) the book going progressively down to one star, which means you despised something about it. These ratings are good, but if you go one step further and share useful information to other readers – and in so doing to me – about why you did or didn’t like the book is where a Book Review comes into play.

What the Book Review should be…

A book review does not need to be very long, but you don’t need to include a synopsis of the story as there is a description here on my website and on my Amazon author page.

Ask yourself what you like to know about a book before you read it. What many readers want to know is What did you think after reading the book? Do you want to know more? Why did you give it a three-star rating instead of a four or five? How did the plot affect you? Have you ever thought about what you would change in your life if you were given the chance to go back in time knowing what you know now? What would you change? Share your opinions, thoughts, ideas.


Reviews of The Fire Within

“With her debut novel, Newberry explores the question of identity and how it shapes destiny in the first installment in the adventures of her heroine, Marine Letsco. The Fire Within begins Marine’s smoldering road of discovery and will give readers the opportunity to do some soul-searching of their own.” ~~ Rosa Lee Jude, coauthor of the award-winning Legends of Graham Mansion series

“Imagine your employer is paying for you to take a luxury Caribbean cruise. Imagine that your employer is an organization that sends out paid assassins for specific targets, and you are one of the assassins. Imagine that there are others on board who have an idea who you are, and have their own agendas about you. … It was fun to chase this story (and it’s only the start; although some things wrapped up by the end, at least two sequels are announced as planned). It was also fun to get a firsthand look at the ins and outs of a luxury cruise, which must have made for some fun research!” ~~ Paul Dellinger, author of Mr.Lazarus and Other Stories, a collection of science fiction short stories, Goodreads reviewer.

Reviews of The Fire of Revenge

“I wanted to keep reading- This action filled book has me anxious for the next in the series. I’m hooked. I can’t wait to learn about Aunt Betsy’s past.” ~~ Tammie Lowry, Goodreads reviewer.

“This is the second novel to the first novel The Fire Within. Second novel has Marine starting a new job as an firefighter in a new town. Marine is having flashbacks of her previous life, only to have a person from her past land in the same town to finish Marine off. The author keeps you spell bound on what is going to happen next.” ~~ Glo Frye, Kindle reviewer.

Reviews of A Time for Fire

“The third and final installment in Newberry’s trilogy takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of murder, mystery, and mayhem, as the heroine, Marine, discovers more about her past, and makes a decision about her future – the thrilling conclusion doesn’t disappoint!” ~~ Marcella Taylor, a local avid reader and fan

“The flames are getting closer and hotter as Marine Letsco gets deeper into the arsons that plague New Brook, as well as the mysteries that haunt her own life. The surprises will ignite new flames in the final chapter of this suspenseful trilogy.” ~~ Rosa Lee Jude, author of The Enchanted Journey and co-author of the award-winning series, Legends of Graham Mansion

Reviews of The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone

“Pam B. Newberry’s work is the first in the Chronicles of Eldershire series. The reader is taken on an imaginative adventure, where it is easy to transport yourself into the world of Eldershire. The main characters are easy to identify with, and readers of all ages will enjoy the story. Newberry finds ways to bring life to every character, as well as the environment that is key to understanding the main character’s (KC) power source. . . KC’s guides hold parental properties and teaches her lessons of which she carries with her during the last chapter. One of the special touches Newberry adds is that it seems that KC sees characteristics of her family mirrored in her allies, who ultimately become her friends. The final pages allude to a continuation of the story, and I am very excited for the next issue in the series to see what happens to KC! I would highly recommend this book as a way to escape the present and become lost in the adventure, but also as a reminder to think about our choices, families, and the power of teamwork. Please continue writing Newberry!” ~~ Tess Evans, Amazon paperback reader.

“When I started reading the book, I was both interested and put off with the main character. Interested because of her “job” and put off because of the hard-hearted attitude she had with it. As the book progressed and she became more human, I was able to relate to her. The other characters made for an interesting mix and made the book more interesting. By the end, I was sorry that the book was finished. I would recommend this book for the mystery and the fact that it is possible for a person to change her outlook and aims in life.” ~~ Lois, Goodreads reviewer.

Reviews of The Letter: A Page of My Life

“Excellent read and I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Pam B Newberry has done a great job letting the reader see a part of her life!! I cannot wait for your next book!!” ~~ Becky Vest Thomas, Goodreads reviewer.

“Every person has a life that is of interest; a story that is unique and contains a, ”Why me?” However one’s life is viewed, there are questions that are raised internally and asked throughout the years, sometime never answered. Pamela was lucky she found answers.” ~~ Gary Schlunz, Kindle reviewer.

I spend many hours writing my stories. I want to know what you think too. Help me write a series you will enjoy reading or one that you would share with family and friends.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read my writing, and then write a review. Your support is appreciated!

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