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One Moment of Joy – Another of Sadness

One Moment of Joy!


It is with great joy I share that I’m putting the finishing touches on

Slated for release in December, 2015 - Become a V. I. P. Reader for latest news!
Slated for release in December, 2015—But wait…it may be available sooner!

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A Moment of Sadness…

The moment of joy when a writer realizes that his or her work will soon be read, followed by a moment of sadness when a writer realizes a dear friend is not here to share in that moment of joy. My dear friend that was with me through the release of all of my other books—my “grand-dog,” Miloh.

Here’s a toast to you, dear buddy!

Miloh - The Granddog
Miloh—The Granddog


What’s in store for me next?

Besides promoting the Marine Letsco Trilogy, I plan on starting the research to write my next series. What will it be? I’m not sure, but I may be playing in the world of fantasy and romance. Who knows, Marine may surface again.

At Hobbit’s Bend: We are currently bottling our honey harvest. At last count, we have bottled over 63 pounds of honey and have about another 20 pounds or so to bottle. I experimented with making a new baked ziti recipe. I’ve shared the results of my labor with a couple of friends and family members. You may find the recipe in a future Happy V. I. P. Reader post, if the consensus is a go.

If you didn’t hear, The Letter: A Page of My Life is now in audio format. Check it out from my Amazon author page or better yet, click on Audible and get a sample to hear.

I’ve been listening to Pandora on my station “Dan Gibson,” which is really a link to a friend’s station. The music is lovely of ocean sounds, piano keys tingling, and water flowing softly—it is soothing to listen to while I write. And, I’m in the midst of adding the final videos for Book Three – A Time for Fire on my YouTube channel.

Here’s sending you all great wishes for a glorious day!

Write on!


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