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Welcome to my author website…come on in and stay for a while! 

Progress being made in the

writing of a new series…

The Chronicles of Eldershire is the working title of my new speculative fiction series. Book One is tentatively titled The Brooks Forest, which features Kay “KC” Carson as the protagonist. KC, at 63, recently lost her husband, son, and daughter-n-law along with her son’s pet dog in a traffic accident she caused.

While mourning their loss, KC wishes for a chance to go back to an earlier life where she believes she made a decision that set her on a course to lose her family. Never believing wishes came true, KC is magically transported back to a time when she was sixteen to the strange and mystical land of Eldershire. A land filled with beautiful landscapes, mystical mountains, and majestic forests and where wood spirits, nymphs, elves, and other magical beings co-exist. Until KC can retrieve the Efil Stone from Nukpana (the Evil Wicked-Dragon), the Elderwians and KC’s future are in peril.

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Pinterest Folks:

Many of you are clicking this image from my Pinterest board:

Black workout outfit
Marine’s work clothes that she uses when she dresses for work as an assassin.

This image was used to help me frame a picture of Marine – her looks, her style, her approach to life – in my first novel, The Fire Within.

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