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Pam with Miloh

Welcome to my author website…come on in and stay for a while! 

Did you hear?

I’m writing a new series…

My first series, The Marine Letsco trilogy is featured here on the website. You can read excerpts from each book by clicking the links provided below or using the menu at the top right.

If you’ve not read Marine’s story yet, check out Book One: The Fire Within, Book Two: The Fire of Revengeand Book Three: A Time for Fire and be sure to read an excerpt. All books are available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback formats and on CreateSpace in paperback formats. The Fire Within will be in audio later this summer.

In addition to Marine’s story, I have a memoir — The Letter: A Page of My Life — it is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and audio formats.

Authors are made by readers comments. Please consider leaving a comment on Amazon and sign on to Goodreads and write a review. Help spread the word about the Marine Letsco Trilogy and my memoir.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about my book in progress, signup for my blog postings or better yet…

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