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Mr. Scruffy and his mug
Mr. Scruffy and his mug.

Where has the summer time gone. It is the end of July already! Pam is working away on her new series harder than the hardest working Dobby. Well, actually, she’s only been writing Book One, but she has plotted out lots of scenes for the next two books in the series. Book One – The Owl, the Sword, and the Efil Stone is the book that she’s talked to me about, well, it seems, F O R E V E R! It is the first book in the new series The Chronicles of Eldershire. You can offer Pam some pity. But, let it be known that she is a slower reader then she is a writer; I can tell you that.

So, as for news, well. She has a book signing coming up real soon – Saturday, August 5 to be exact. If you haven’t heard about it, check out her Appearances page for details. Pam told me that she will have additional book signing opportunities later this fall, but she wants to get Book One done first. (I’m whispering here — don’t tell Pam I said this, but I want her to get it done, too. Ha!).

The cover designer of her books, Julie Newberry, is working away on designing a nifty cover. I can tell you that what I’ve seen of it I like. Pam plans to show the printed cover in her newsletter and at the Big Walker Book Signing. You might want to make plans to visit Big Walker Lookout and Country Store for awesome ice cream, visit with Pam, and hear Leigh Beamer sing. Make sure you sign up for your V. I. P. Reader newsletter, as Pam will be making more announcements about her books — special prices and special items for sale.

Pam’s calling me to finish up. We must get the newsletter out to her V. I. P. folks. Hope to see you upon Big Walker on Saturday, August 5.

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Book Two, Novel

Arson, Murder, and Mayhem Come Together in The Fire of Revenge

It’s official! The Fire of Revenge is now available in eBook format on Amazon!

Arson, Murder, and Mayhem come together in The Fire of Revenge

After establishing a new life in the fictional town of New Brook, VA, Marine Letsco begins to put her past as an assassin behind her. She graduates from the Evansham Regional Fire Academy and begins a career as a local firefighter. A series of fires begin to plague Marine as she discovers the fires are set by an arsonist and are somehow connected to her past life.

“Marine, an amnesiac ex-assassin has begun to have flashbacks. Moreover, she thinks she saw the ghost of Ana-Geliza, her cabin steward she thought she killed at the end of the cruise in The Fire Within. To complicate her quest to regain her memory and overthrow a deadly revenge-seeker, more secrets are revealed that will change her future. What else could possibly happen?” The Fire of Revenge explores the power of love, family, and revenge. (J. K. Brooks Publishing, LLC; 2015; ISBN-13: 978-1-941061-03-9; $16.99; and Print available on CreateSpace and in eBook and print on Amazon)

Dr. Chet Henegar encouraged his aunt, Elizabeth Lanter James, to allow Marine to live in her old Victorian home. After several months, Marine makes the decision that she would like to become a firefighter. She felt it would enable her to give back to the people of New Brook that had welcomed her into their community. During the writing of Book One and while making plans to write Book Two, Pam began researching the requirements for someone to become a firefighter. She interviewed several practicing firefighters and fire investigators to learn how it felt in the heat of a fire. She even tried on fire gear to develop a feel for the sensation of the weight of pants, coat, and the air pack.

After completing the initial draft, Pam realized that she needed more authenticity. She interviewed several firefighters at a local Christmas party in order to get an idea of their sense and feelings for their chosen careers. She made a composite of what she learned that became the basis for several of the characters. If you like suspenseful twists and turns, thrills, murder coupled with revenge, you will enjoy reading The Fire of Revenge.

Quotes by other Authors:

“Pam Newberry lights a fire in her readers’ minds with the twists and turns she leads them throughout the second installment of her trilogy. They will be on the edge of their seats to discover what happens next.” ~~Rosa Lee Jude, award-winning author of the forthcoming new series, The Enchanted Journey.

“The surprises come rapid-fire in Newberry’s second novel of an amnesiac ex-assassin seeking a new life but plagued by a deadly revenge-seeker from her past. The heroine and others are not always who they seem to be in this thriller that will keep you guessing.” ~~Paul Dellinger, author of Mr. Lazarus and Other Stories and scriptwriter for The Adventures of Hap Hazard radio series.

For Book Signing Dates

Books ready for YOU to acquire your personal copy.
Books ready for YOU to acquire your personal copy.

If you are planning on being in the area, click this link to Appearances and come on by for a visit, I’ll sign a copy of my latest novel for you, and we can chat and talk while we have a beverage or two!

Looking forward to visiting with you and hearing what you think of my latest novel!

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Meeting a Facebook Follower

On May 14, 2014 at The Museum Shop’s book signing event, I was able to meet Nora King. It was such a joy to connect with her as she was my 100th follower on my Facebook Author page.

Nora King and Pam Newberry at book signing
Pam (on the right) presenting Nora King a signed copy of “The Letter” on June 14 at the Museum Shop’s book signing. Nora was the 100th follower on Pam’s Author Page on Facebook!
Congratulations, Nora!


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Happy Reading!



Book Signing at The Museum Shop

My next book signing appearance is at

The Museum Shop


10:00 a.m. to Noon

The Museum Shop - Book signing
The Museums of Wytheville, Virginia

Come visit me on Saturday, June 14 from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at The Museum Shop for a book signing located at 975 Tazewell Street, Wytheville, VA.

I’ll have copies of my book, The Letter: A Page of My Life and news about my novel, The Fire Within, slated for release in August!

If you are unable to visit me at the book signing, please visit the pages about The Letter and my updates on The Fire Within. Better yet, if you would like to order an advanced copy of The Fire Within, drop me a note by sending me an e-mail at pamnewberry [at] embarqmail [dot] com.

Hope to see you at The Museum Shop on Saturday…share the love by letting your friends know, too! Send them a message to visit my website and my blog!




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