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Mr. Scruffy and his mug
Mr. Scruffy and his mug.

Where has the summer time gone. It is the end of July already! Pam is working away on her new series harder than the hardest working Dobby. Well, actually, she’s only been writing Book One, but she has plotted out lots of scenes for the next two books in the series. Book One – The Owl, the Sword, and the Efil Stone is the book that she’s talked to me about, well, it seems, F O R E V E R! It is the first book in the new series The Chronicles of Eldershire. You can offer Pam some pity. But, let it be known that she is a slower reader then she is a writer; I can tell you that.

So, as for news, well. She has a book signing coming up real soon – Saturday, August 5 to be exact. If you haven’t heard about it, check out her Appearances page for details. Pam told me that she will have additional book signing opportunities later this fall, but she wants to get Book One done first. (I’m whispering here — don’t tell Pam I said this, but I want her to get it done, too. Ha!).

The cover designer of her books, Julie Newberry, is working away on designing a nifty cover. I can tell you that what I’ve seen of it I like. Pam plans to show the printed cover in her newsletter and at the Big Walker Book Signing. You might want to make plans to visit Big Walker Lookout and Country Store for awesome ice cream, visit with Pam, and hear Leigh Beamer sing. Make sure you sign up for your V. I. P. Reader newsletter, as Pam will be making more announcements about her books — special prices and special items for sale.

Pam’s calling me to finish up. We must get the newsletter out to her V. I. P. folks. Hope to see you upon Big Walker on Saturday, August 5.

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Fridays, Indulges

Four Indulges of Mine — It’s Friday…

I have four indulges. Actually, I have more. But for today, I’m sharing four.

Journaling - IndulgesIndulgence One

I love to get lost in watching a television show. You know the kind. Downton Abby, The Big Bang Theory, and my most recent binge with the likes of Justified, Bosch, and The Newsroom. They were awesome. I think of them as research on steroids. The writers of these series are (were) extraordinarily clever. Elmore Leonard, who’s short story Fire in the Hole was the basis for the Justified series has been a favorite author of mine for years. These TV shows hooked me like many books do, which leads me to my next indulgence.

Indulgence Two

Books. Books of all flavors, sizes, colors, styles, and topics. It doesn’t matter if it is fiction or non-fiction. I have an entire room, which is supposed to be called a library filled with them on shelves, in stacks on the floor, and in boxes, bags, or crates. What books? The typical research collection from mathematics to the black arts of murder. And then, I have a serious collection of certain authors. Of course, the fore mentioned Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch and about ten or so of Patricia Cornwell. There is also the complete series of Harry Potter and works by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler). Yes. I’m a hoarder of books. But, that is not all.

Book shelves - Indulges
A disheveled, cluttered mess of books.

Indulgence Three

Magazines. Now, unlike books. There are only certain mags I’ll hoard. I recently came into possession of a stack of Ladies’ Home Journal from 1922. Yes. They are not in the greatest condition, but what a treasure. I love all of the stories, pictures, advertisements, and …Well, you get the idea.

Magazine - Indulges
My love of mags shown in cooking, DIY, and other dreams.

Indulgence Four

Radio Classics. I had not planned to talk about this one. But while visiting my lovely hairdresser, Gail, she reminded me of my need to listen to all things “Old Radio.” I grew up in a children’s home–350 strong. With that many young folk running around. You learn to dream with noise in the background. I like white noise when I work. Lots of it. If I’m not listening to music (another indulgence), then I’m listening to radio shows. Gun Smoke, Have Gun Will Travel, The Shadow, Green Hornet, and my all time favorite–Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Greg Bell does an excellent job curating the show and you can find it on Sirius XM Radio channel 148. To learn more about Greg and his work, you can see a listing of future shows on his Greg Bell Media website.

By the way, I have other indulges. I’ll talk about them in future posts. How about you? What are your indulgences? Go ahead, you can even share a secret one or two. Until next time…

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A Time for Fire, The Marine Letsco Trilogy

Book Signing – Petal’s of Wytheville

Book Signing!!!


Saturday, December 5th

Book Signing at Petal's of Wytheville


Come to a book signing! If you are in the area, it would be great fun to see you at Petal’s of Wytheville. I’ll be there signing copies of The Marine Letsco Trilogy and having fun with my good friend and fellow author, Rosa Lee Jude.

There will be a special available to those who drop in to purchase Book Three: A Time for Fire! It is a great time to purchase Christmas gifts, try some wine, or pick up some gorgeous flowers!

If you are not near the area, consider checking out my books. You can learn all about them from my Books page. You can click on the page for each book (see Menu up to the right) where you will jump to more information. There you will learn where you can purchase autographed print copies and find links for eBook versions found only on Amazon.

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Hope you have a wonderful week!

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