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Book Signing at Petals of Wytheville Today! Come on by…

Hello Reading Fans!

Book Signing at Petals of Wytheville

Drop in at Petals of Wytheville for a meet and greet, wine and cheese tasting, live music, and flowers galore! Not mention that I’ll be there with my books, you can ask me questions, we can talk about my new series, and you can enter fabulous door prizes, too!

If you can’t make the visit, then consider visiting my Amazon Author Page where you can find my latest book in eBook and paperback formats.

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Mr. Scruffy’s News – July

NEWS for you…

Mr. Scruffy and his mug
Mr. Scruffy and his mug.

Where has the summer time gone. It is the end of July already! Pam is working away on her new series harder than the hardest working Dobby. Well, actually, she’s only been writing Book One, but she has plotted out lots of scenes for the next two books in the series. Book One – The Owl, the Sword, and the Efil Stone is the book that she’s talked to me about, well, it seems, F O R E V E R! It is the first book in the new series The Chronicles of Eldershire. You can offer Pam some pity. But, let it be known that she is a slower reader then she is a writer; I can tell you that.

So, as for news, well. She has a book signing coming up real soon – Saturday, August 5 to be exact. If you haven’t heard about it, check out her Appearances page for details. Pam told me that she will have additional book signing opportunities later this fall, but she wants to get Book One done first. (I’m whispering here — don’t tell Pam I said this, but I want her to get it done, too. Ha!).

The cover designer of her books, Julie Newberry, is working away on designing a nifty cover. I can tell you that what I’ve seen of it I like. Pam plans to show the printed cover in her newsletter and at the Big Walker Book Signing. You might want to make plans to visit Big Walker Lookout and Country Store for awesome ice cream, visit with Pam, and hear Leigh Beamer sing. Make sure you sign up for your V. I. P. Reader newsletter, as Pam will be making more announcements about her books — special prices and special items for sale.

Pam’s calling me to finish up. We must get the newsletter out to her V. I. P. folks. Hope to see you upon Big Walker on Saturday, August 5.

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Mr. Scruffy

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Book Signing – Petal’s of Wytheville

Book Signing!!!


Saturday, December 5th

Book Signing at Petal's of Wytheville


Come to a book signing! If you are in the area, it would be great fun to see you at Petal’s of Wytheville. I’ll be there signing copies of The Marine Letsco Trilogy and having fun with my good friend and fellow author, Rosa Lee Jude.

There will be a special available to those who drop in to purchase Book Three: A Time for Fire! It is a great time to purchase Christmas gifts, try some wine, or pick up some gorgeous flowers!

If you are not near the area, consider checking out my books. You can learn all about them from my Books page. You can click on the page for each book (see Menu up to the right) where you will jump to more information. There you will learn where you can purchase autographed print copies and find links for eBook versions found only on Amazon.

Become a Happy V. I. P. Reader! Click to learn more and to stay connected with me.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Upon Big Walker Mountain Today…

Had a wonderful day kicking off the release of Book Two: The Fire of Revenge yesterday at my first book signing of the year. Several folks stopped by The Museum Shop at the Visitor’s Center in Wytheville.

Friends Came to Cheer Me On

Glo and Edith visited with Pam at The Museum Shop on Saturday.
Glo and Edith visited with Pam at The Museum Shop on Saturday.

Today, I’ll be having another book signing for The Fire of Revenge and The Fire Within along with The Letter

Upon Big Walker Mountain

View from Big Walker Lookout - 05-15-15 by Heather
View from Big Walker Lookout – 05-15-15 by Heather

Come up and visit with me–we can chat, we can listen to good music, or we can just sit and take in the views.

I’ll be waiting there to see you from Noon until 2:00 p.m. today, Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pam at Big Walker Mountain Lookout
Pam at Big Walker Mountain Lookout


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