DarkShadow - Bk 2 COE, New Novel

DarkShadow – A New Book & Being Grateful

DarkShadow is here!

DarkShadow, Book 2 of The Chronicles of Eldershire is available on Amazon now!

Think of me as as your soul angel. I will be with you always, by your side, holding your hand. I am your spirit guide.

Mr Scruffy

The Chronicles of Eldershire - Book 2 DarkShadow cover
Book 2 DarkShadow is available in eBook and print formats. Visit Pam’s Amazon Author Page for other book details and information about Book 1 of The Chronicles of Eldershire

DarkShadow Description …

Assumption is a flaw we all have. There are times it serves us well, but taking for granted you know what is happening to you can sometimes cause you to be wrong, all because you make an assumption.

KC is suffering from headaches; some would say they might have been severe migraines. She sees things that aren’t there, hears voices, and in general, she thinks, or is it assumes, she might be going crazy. When she seeks help for her affliction, KC comes to understand assumptions can be dark and dangerous and can cast shadows on her life.

Return to the magical Land of Eldershire with Mr Scruffy, Iolair, and Gavin as they join with KC in a quest to rid Eldershire of a chilling and most despicable creature ever to walk amongst them—Nukpana Fraener.

Life is full of dark shadows. Some linger, others come when least expected. With a sense of purpose, one can overcome the dark shadows that threaten to take you away.

An unknown voice

New Characters & Old Ones Too

In book two DarkShadow, KC rejoins with old friends and develops new friendships! New characters that members of the VIP SQUAD mentioned they liked are the Lemmketeers and Vivette Chouette. These and others may be found on the Characters of Eldershire page (Caution: May contain spoilers).

The Lemmketeers

The Lemmketeers is a group of four brother lemmings.

A Lemming (small rodent) can change size at will and are dressed in an official Eldershire uniform (think Three Musketeers). Their main adornment includes an ankh and a silver sword along with a draped tabard emblazoned with the Tree of Life accented with each of their individual life colors.

The four Lemmketeers are

  • Lafayette, full name is Sir Lafayette de Marquis, embraces the color of love—royal blue accented with gold
  • Crab, full name is Sir Gareth de Claytor, embraces the color of anger—red accented with black
  • Logan, full name is Sir Logan Ó Ayrshire De Auchinleck, embraces the color of mystery—magenta accented with green
  • Tonner, full name is Sir Frederick O’ Tomhrair, the descendant of Tomer, embraces the color of energy—orange accented with yellow

Vivette Chouette

Likewise, Vivette Chouette, an owl and an old friend of another character you meet in DarkShadow, becomes a friend and companion to Mr Scruffy. After that, who knows, you may see more of Vivette in future stories. Stay tuned.

DarkShadow Formats

DarkShadow is on Amazon in print and eBook. Please let me know if you have issues or troubles acquiring your print or eBook format.

In the coming weeks, I will be working on posting a variety of posts regarding characters in The Chronicles of Eldershire along with other tidbits, such as books I’m reading, inspiration for characters, and what I’m planning to work on next. Maybe you’ll be inspired and will share what you find interesting.

I hope you are as excited about Book Two – DarkShadow as I am!


It is hoped that you are as excited about Book Two — DarkShadow as I am! In this time of expressing gratitude, I appreciate each of you and let you know how grateful I am for your support. “Thank You!” Pam said while sitting at her desk.

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