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Celebrating Summer 2019! Free eBooks for You!

Summer 2019 is here! Happy June 21 to you!

To help us celebrate, you will find below a link to a collection of FREE eBooks. These eBooks are available to you for a limited time, so check it out. In addition, you can get a free eBook from me. Read on to learn how to get your copy of The Gist of It! And, there is an update about the progress of The Chronicles of Eldershire – DarkShadow, the second book in the fantasy journey of KC Carson.

FREE eBooks from Thriller Authors

The awesome thriller author, JA Konrath (author of the Jacquleine Daniels series) created a new website, contacted a bunch of his bestselling author friends, and is offering a collection of FREE eBooks from June 21 through June 25, 2019.

Be sure you get JA Konrath (Joe) new eBook – What Happened to Lori – it is a new format of reading pleasure I think you will find enjoyable! I downloaded my copy to my Kindle a couple of nights ago and am reading it. Very entertaining in style and story! Joe is the leader in cutting edge approaches (IMHO).

Be sure to follow the prompts given, note that some of the eBooks are available in other countries besides the USA. Also, if you like to read on a specific device, please use that device when you click to download the book. Happy Reading!!

Pam’s FREE eBook

To receive a link to download my FREE eBook — all you have to do is signup for my newsletter – Pam’s Newsletter – when you do, you will go through a series of screens and emails to keep spam to a minimum and keep those pesky bots away. Then, the final welcome email will tell you how to download the eBook The Gist of It! for the particular device you’d like to use.

The Gist of It! on Kindle

Kindle with email capability: If you want to read The Gist of It! on your Kindle, be sure you are on your Kindle and that your Kindle has email capability. Open your Kindle, click on the last email from me after you signed up for the newsletter, and click the link to download to your Kindle. It should download and open up or be in your carousel to read when you are ready.

Kindle without email capability: If you want to read The Gist of It! on your Kindle, Click on the last email from me after you signed up for the newsletter, and click the link to download to your laptop, desk top, or other computer. After it has downloaded, move it to your Kindle where you can open the eBook up and read when you are ready.

Generic ePub The Gist of It! – Any other Reader

Generic ePub can be used with just about any device — Kindle, Android, or even mobile phones. Again, you will need to have email capability to use the link directly. After clicking the link, the generic ePub will download to your Kindle, other eBook reader, and even your iPhone or Android phone.

Two more Forms – Apple ePub and PDF

The Apple ePub form works with all Apple devices. The PDF will work on any device you select. If you use the Kindle for the PDF, you will find the eBook The Gist of It! in the docs section of your Kindle (provided it has that available).

Having Troubles?

Send me an email and I’ll try to help you. If all else fails, send me a note that you couldn’t get the book downloaded to your device. I’ll try to get the eBook to you through a different route. The sad part is that the eBook is a very large file, so I cannot send it directly to you via email.

Book 2 – DarkShadow Update

These last few weeks I’ve made significant progress with finishing Book 2 – DarkShadow. Wednesday, I managed to type out 4,400 words! It was a very productive day. Today, I’ve printed out Acts 1 & 2, and am reading through them, making notes of any loose ends. That way, when I begin writing Act 3, I’ll be sure not to leave something hanging. Then, I will spend the next week cranking out the final words for Act 3.

After that, the First Draft will sit for a few days to give my eyes time to rest. When I pick up the manuscript to finalize Draft Two, my words will be fresh to my eyes. The Second Draft, I will send to my editor and let her fingers work magic catching spelling, grammar, and continuity errors.

At that point, the revision process will take up the rest of my summer. It is hoped to have the revised draft out to my Beta readers by the end of August, if not sooner. Stay tuned! DarkShadow is getting closer!

Thanks for reading. If you like this post and want to support it, forward it to someone who’d like it or, even better, buy them a book!

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V. I. P. Readers – Signup Now!

The Marine Letsco Trilogy

Happy V. I. P. Reader Info…

As you know, I’ve been working on a new series. While doing so, I have also been giving Book One – The Fire Within a face lift in celebration of the upcoming release of its audio version.

I’m making changes and getting information put together for a V. I. P. Reader Third Quarter newsletter with plans of sending it out in a week or so. This latest newsletter will have news on the release of the audio book of The Fire Within as well as a special sale promotion offered exclusively to my V. I. P. Readers first!

Earlier today, I learned that the Happy V. I. P. Reader sign-up form wasn’t working. I think I have it fixed.

However, just in case, here is another link that should work for you:

Click this link and you should get a form to fill out.

Please leave a comment or send me a note at info at pambnewberry dot com if that doesn’t work!!!

Looking forward to having you join the Happy V. I. P. Readers list and be sure to add your birthday month and day so your name will be entered into special drawings!

Thanks again for your support!
Write on!

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One reason to signup for my Newsletter

Sign up for Newberry Tales Newsletter

In honor of the release of my first novel, The Fire Within: Book One of The Marine Letsco Trilogy, I’m having a Give-a-Way drawing for one free copy!

It’s an exciting time!

Since April, at various book signings, I’ve asked people if they would like to join my newsletter by signing my “Help Build My Newsletter Subscribers” sign-up sheet.

Twenty-seven of you have done so.

Now, that The Fire Within is about ready for release (Saturday, August 9, 2014 to be exact)—I have taken the time to learn how to set up and get my first Mail Chimp Newsletter going!

Newsletter debut
First newsletter from Newberry Tales

So, for those souls who have already signed up to receive my newsletter, you will receive an e-mail announcement about the release of The Fire Within.

If you have not already signed up, do so now, by signing in on the Newsletter subscription form on the right hand side of any page or go to the Welcome page and cursor down to the bottom and you will see it the form there. You will not find it here on this blog page.

While you’re doing that, consider signing up for my blog posts. Future blog posts will be delivered to your mail in box. You don’t have to come to this website each time I post. But, feel free to drop in and visit when you want to see the latest book cover or read the latest news.

And, if you are wondering, the newsletter and blog posts will not be duplicates of the same information.

How to get a free paperback copy of The Fire Within?

First chance…

I have twenty-seven names of friends I’ve seen at book signings who have provided me with permission to include their e-mail addresses in my newsletter e-mail database.

If you have not signed up for my newsletter at a book signing or I have not personally asked you if I may sign you up, and you want to be included, please go to my website ( today before 6:00 p.m. EST.

On the Welcome page, scroll down to the bottom where you will find a form to subscribe to Newberry Tales Newsletter.

Your name and e-mail address (required) will be automatically stored in my newsletter database.

Then, later this evening, I’ll have a drawing from all those subscribed as of 6:00 p.m. EST on August 3, 2014 for one lucky person to receive a free copy of my debut novel, The Fire Within!

Don’t fret, if you are reading this post and you see it is after the deadline, I’ll have another drawing for a free copy later in the week. So check back!<

Happy Days!

P. S. If you can’t wait and want to buy a paperback copy, go to my CreateSpace page where you can buy as many copies as you like. The book will be available in eBook format on Amazon in a couple of weeks.

THANK YOU for your support!