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February 2017Hello, Friends!

UPDATE: May 05, 2017: It’s funny. This particular post I decide to do quickly. Alas! It blew up in my face because the idea that the following happens only 823 years is a hoax! In reality, as a commenter shared, it happens on every non-leap year. What is more rare is the listing of five days for each day. Silly me! ~~ Thanks for reading!

Hope you have or are having a most fantastic Tuesday, January 17!

Today, I’ve been charged with helping Pam. I’m her muse, you know. Well, she’s got some writing and some business paperwork to do. So, my post today is rather simple. It is all about February!

Here it is sent to me via e-mail from Pam’s handsome husband, Hobbit King.


This February 2017 calendar structure will not occur again in your life time.

The February 2017 calendar has:

4 Sundays,
4 Mondays,
4 Tuesdays,
4 Wednesdays,
4 Thursdays,
4 Fridays, and….drum roll please….
4 Saturdays.

This happens once every 823 years or so.

That has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen! I am a very old owl, too, you know.

Have a great day!
Mr. Scruffy

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