The Chronicles of Eldershire

Kay “KC” Carson stars in The Chronicles of Eldershire. You will meet KC in book one The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone set for release the end of February, 2018.

If You Knew Then
After a tragic accident which kills her immediate family, Kay “KC” Carson grapples with wondering how different her life might have been if her younger self knew what 65 years of life have now taught her. Upon discovering a mysterious hat on a drive, she is magically transported to another world where she is the younger person with whom she longs to talk. Sixteen years old, KC finds herself in the captivating land of Eldershire with an assortment of strange and interesting creatures who befriend her, including a wise old owl named Mr. Scruffy, and an evil-witch dragon, Nukpana Fraener, who is set on destroying her. Before she can return home, KC must retrieve a sacred and stolen talisman, the Efil Stone. She must use her life experience and developed powers to help her save the Elderian Kingdom from the clutches of Nukpana and, perhaps, discover her own salvation in the process.