Doodling Fun — How are you Creative?

How are you Creative?

A few years ago, I was reminded about Doodling Fun. A close friend had received an adult coloring book as a gift. Looking at her work, I felt an urge to color again. As a young girl, I learned to doodle. Years passed, I continued to sketch images for many of my projects–when I quilted, made clothes, gardened, and other things. It gave me a visual of my mind’s eye. I had forgotten about the joy of simple coloring. Slowly, I retrieved my coloring pencils, found outlined pictures on the internet, and began to color.

Doodling fun - early coloring attempt
An early fairy coloring attempt. – notice, I got the coloring page from Amy Brown Art. I love her drawings and art work.

Several months passed.

As Hobbit King, my husband, will tell you, I tend to leave my ongoing work lying around (much to his chagrin). Then, at the end of 2015, a dear friend passed away. Several of his nieces and nephews needed to come to our town to begin the process of dissolving his estate.

One of his nephew’s brought his wife and two daughters. They stayed at our home. While my friend’s nephew worked with his other family members, I enjoyed the company of his family. The older daughter saw one of my colorings on my desk. She was impressed to see I had taken up coloring. She loved to color. I was happy to see her reaction. She wanted to color. And color, we did. For two days. I printed out drawings for her and we experimented with different looks. It was a blast.

Doodling Fun Began

Not long after the coloring craze started with me, I began to doodle again. You know how it goes. Nothing really looks like much, but you enjoy the escapism all the same.

Doodling Fun at the start
Not Tried – an early Doodle that changed over time.

The early doodle image of the “Not Tried,” started out with open, big fat letters, no color, and very simple. I had planned to color in the shapes with basic colors. But then, something happened.

It was around April of 2016. I was in Michael’s (don’t you love that place?) when I came across some wonderful books. Besides the ten or twenty pens and coloring pencils I had placed in my basket, I stood looking at the bookshelf arguing with myself about whether I should buy a book. I couldn’t pull my eyes away. Did I really need to spend money on a coloring book? I’d been successful finding good pictures to color on the internet. What is this thing called Zentangle, anyway?


Yes. I bought the book. When I got home, I started reading, and wham! My desire to draw, doodle, create exploded. The fun thing was, it also happened while I was delving into the world of Austin Kleon (See earlier post here). Each step seemed to take me to a new level of experimentation when I started dabbling in Zentangle. Putting Austin’s suggestions to “Steal Like an Artist” into play, added to the fun. Doodling fun was becoming a most welcome distraction when my mind was overloaded with work expectations and my creative juices were blocked.

Doodling fun and Zentangle
Bread Recipe Sheet, an early Zentangle techniques practiced.
Doodling Fun with advanced Zentangle
Esme Entrees using more advanced Zentangle practice.

These two images show my progression. I’m still learning and practicing. But, you get the idea. Side note: These two drawings and the one labeled “Not Tried” above are going to be new covers for my recipe books (See an earlier post where I mentioned my recipe binders. I’m reorganizing them. More on that in a future post).

Where am I now?

This is all to say, my creative juices are moving. That is helping me to write. The Chronicles of Eldershire is being influenced by my creative flow. The first book, The Brooks Forest is now about 20,000 words, as of today. I have about 60,000 to go, and I’m having fun. And, isn’t that what it’s all about — Doodling Fun at its best!

Here’s a couple of my latest doodles:

Doodling Fun - Junk Food
Junk Food Doodle
Doodling Fun - Christmas inspiration
Doodling Fun – Christmas inspiration

So…what do you think? Do you like to doodle? What do you doodle about — things you see? things you’d like to do? Movies? Stories? Share your ideas in the comments. Tell me what inspires you to be creative. Have you struggled with finding your creativity? How do you move forward when your creative juices seem to stop? I’d love to hear your ideas so I can “Steal like an Artist”!

Till next time…write, draw, sing, read, dance, garden, but do something to help you create!

Write on with Cheers!
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6 thoughts on “Doodling Fun — How are you Creative?”

  1. As an artist, I come and I go with spells when it comes to doodling. The times I do find myself doodling is when I am in a boring meeting or on a phone call. Most of the time, I sketch instead of doodle. Things I sketch can be still objects I find in a room. But, my most favorite to sketch is landscapes. I think I get that from when I was little and had private art lessons. We would paint landscapes all the time. Mostly doing Bob Ross paintings. I sometimes sketch what I actually see, but more and more I sketch what I dream or what is in my head rather than my vision. I sometimes look at other artists to see what they have done and it gives me ideas to add things in my landscapes. Other then Bob Ross paintings, I love Thomas Kinkade, but my most favorite artist is Monet. My weakness, as an artist, has always been getting one or two point perspective to look right. But with the help of a friend of mine, who is also an artist, she is finally helping me master this concept. I am also finally learning to do 3d animation. It is helping me create many things, and I like to sketch in photoshop. I can be on that all day. I am so glad you are getting into doodling. I can tell your improving each time you draw. Practice makes perfect. I can’t wait to see your next creation.

    1. What a lovely comment! Thank you for sharing your experiences you have had as you have grown as an artist. I love your work! (Hehehe– Mother’s prerogative!) Hugs to you and may you continue to be creative!

  2. For myself I doodler when I am on the phone. Depending on the how the phone conversation is going, I can just be swirling lines to bold coloring in the doodling spaces.
    Also doodling happens when I have put pencil to paper to put down my thoughts on a particular subject. Often wandered if this my mind not wanting to put down my true feelings. I find I tend to “sugar coat ” what I need to say so I do not offend persons close to me.
    Interesting topic.

    1. Hello, Glo! Hope you are staying warm. And, yes, Doodling can be a way to think through many different things. I’ve done the kind of doodling you mention lots of times, especially when I’m in a conversation on the phone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Always, Pam.

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