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The Great Escape in the Hobbit Queen

Today, the weather was about as perfect as anyone could ask for — the sun was shining, the sky was a brilliant blue, the water was calm on Reed Creek, and the temperature was a steady 70°F to 72°F. We launched our little rooftop boat—The Hobbit Queen—for her maiden voyage of 2016. We were making the great escape in the Hobbit Queen on a Sunday afternoon.


The Great Escape

The Great Escape - Reed Creek
Riding up Reed Creek on a Sunday afternoon – The Great Escape


We rode up creek as far as the depth of the water would allow. When we came upon shallow water with rocks causing fast rapids, the current picked up significantly. We turned off the 2-hp motor and allowed the boat to coast back—the current carried us along.. The creek snakes and meanders along for about two or so miles. As the crow files, it probably isn’t a half a mile distance from where we met the rapids and where we launched our little boat.


While coasting along, we enjoyed a few drinks, leaned back in our seats, and took in the scenery as it changed and we floated at a snails pace. It was peaceful. The great escape was proving to be worth every effort it took to get our boat ready for its voyage.


The Great Escape - Rapids on Reed Creek
The rapids on Reed Creek – The Great Escape!


The water was very clear. We could see to the bottom, though it was a lot deeper than it appeared. We saw the occasional fish. Not nearly as many as we’d hoped. My husband and I talked about how the fish seemed to have dwindled since we began seeing different predators—bald eagles, snapping turtles, blue herons, and a type of duck we’ve been told love to eat young fish.


Along the banks, animal life was abundant. We counted at least six Canada geese guarding their nests and several squirrels scampered along tree branches. One made its way down to the water to quench its thirst before it scurried up a nearby oak tree.


There were also a few humans fishing along the bank. One said he had caught a single fish. It was another sign that the fish population isn’t what it used to be. We used to catch a dinner’s worth of red eye or sunfish—enough to feed four or five folks.

The End


After docking the Hobbit Queen, we made our way back up to the house. It was almost five thirty. The Great Escape had come to an end. Dinnertime was not far off. When I walked into the kitchen, I realized I had failed to set out a frozen chicken casserole dinner to thaw. Dinner plans were now changed.


While I waited on my dear husband to make up his mind about dinner, I decided I’d write about our adventure. The window to the Martin room was open. I could hear a squirrel working as hard a he could to break open a newly found walnut. He would rub it on the branch. Turn it around in his paws. Rub it back and forth again. It sounded as though he was sawing a branch or strumming a tune on an odd wooden instrument. Then, he’d place the walnut in his mouth and try to pry it open. Only to have to rub it once more. After ten minutes of working, he finally met with success. You could almost hear his joy as he bit into the walnut meat.


If I had a good camera—you know the kind, with a telephoto lens. I’d share a picture. The sunlight shown like a halo capturing his silhouette from the back as the sun was beginning to set in the west. His tail was fluffed and he would twitch it ever so often as if he was doing a happy dance while he ate.


The day was relaxing. I didn’t think much about anything. I just soaked up the moments.


How about you? Have you made a great escape into nature? When was the last time you floated along and soaked up the moment? Share your thoughts or comments!

Audio Version of The Fire Within

Keep a look out for the next Happy V. I. P. Reader e-mail coming the end of May or first of June. I’ll have the latest information about the release of the audio version of The Fire Within. It’s taken me a little longer than planned to produce the audio. But, I think you will find it will be worth the wait. I hope you will. Don’t forget, if you haven’t already. Be sure and update your profile so that I can enter your name in the second quarter drawing for birthday surprises! If you have a birthday in April, May, or June, your name will be entered to receive a special gift!

Update on My Next Series

I’m making some progress on my next series. I have setup a special Pinterest page found at the URL:

The following gives you an idea of the premise of the first book, which I’ve not named yet:


At 63, Kay Carson, the series female protagonist, steps through a portal that gives her the chance to be fifteen again. KC, as her friends call her, is faced with life and death choices that forces her to ponder her life, her existence, her past, her future as she begins a journey through the worlds of mysticism, magic, and mathematics intertwined with wicked consequences.


On the Pinterest page, I’ve placed some pictures to help me visualize the story. If you’d like to help me find images to help me see the villains as well as fairey folk, mystical beings, or other potential characters, feel free to write me at info at pambnewberry dot com. Or, leave a comment and I’ll write you directly.

What kinds of pictures am I looking for?

  1. Pictures of snowmen – happy, cute, evil, friendly, cruel, villanous
  2. Pictures of witches — ugly, beautiful, scary, mean, tricky, kind
  3. Pictures of mushrooms — unique, colorful, magical
  4. Pictures of fairies — you know the kind – spry, beautiful, whimsical, mischievous, and smart

What other kinds of mystical, magical, or weird creatures would you like to see in a story? What kinds of “good” people should help Kay?

If you feel so inclined, share in the comments or write directly to me what you like to read about when you read a story.

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