Happy New Year – Be Happy in 2018!

Filing cabinet with lists and quotes

Make a list of the things you’ve told yourself you should do, and then do them. It’s not easy. Every year I do this. Every year I do not reach all of my goals. Every year I learn something about myself I didn’t know before. One could say that it makes me wise and I realize how blessed I am.

Here is one of my lists of To Dos I thought you’d enjoy reading and it might help happiness abound for you too …

Read — all kinds of books

Tea cup with post-it listing books

Write – Journal – Record Random Thoughts

writing pad with list

Review — Books Read

  • Take time to pay it forward
  • Create a review of five books read from your TBR list
  • SHARE!
Bookcase Quilt - Labor of Love
Bookcase Quilt made by Cousin HM.


Doodling Fun - Christmas inspiration
Doodling Fun – Christmas inspiration

Doodle — Enjoy Drawing

* Finish doodles started last year
* Identify new doodles
* Choose one for brand




Complete — Multiple projects

* Stained glass bathroom door piece
* Make a crochet/knitted gift for a friend
* Plan crochet pieces for special use

Arrange — Photos and Videos                  

Photo by Jenna Beekhuis - The Brooks Forest
Trees of light in the Wild Woods of Eldershire.
  • Identify photos for storage
  • Upload photos for friends to see
  • Find lost old photos and mail to others

Technical – Writing for Pay

  • Finalize technical writing projects
  • Finish on deadline
  • Identify what still needs to be done

Picture of The Letter framed

Time — to listen, to see, & to be

* Plan veggie and flower garden for spring
* Listen to more music and find new artists
* Take walks, photograph more, immerse in nature, & become me



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Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Write on!