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Mr. Scruffy
Mr. Scruffy, a dedicated owl who is Pam’s Muse.

Mr. Scruffy here — I serve as Pam’s Muse. And, let me tell you, it is a tough job, Bub! Gees, she can be hard settle her in a chair. Getting her to put her thoughts down is even harder. She is easily distracted. Between you and me, I believe she has a touch of some affliction that takes her off task so easily. Don’t get me started about her reading e-mail, reading news, and then, when she settles into reading other blogs — Oh Lord! It is hours later.

I sit here at her side, on her little table field with all kinds of articles she wants to read. I look at her like she is going to listen to me. Oh yeah…only if! I do have to say that she appears to think a lot about writing. You should see the piles of post-it notes with ideas on them. If she put those down on paper, even if she just listed them, she’d have two thick books as thick as a large dictionary.

But, alas, she doesn’t settle into writing on her novel like she should. Ugh! It’s driving me plumb batty. I mean, what is an owl to do? What do you think should happen? How do you help someone with “delay-in-writing” syndrome?

Getting Back on Track

Don’t get me wrong. Pam can write when she sets down to it. She’s already written four books. You want proof? Look at her Books page for the details. Right now, she is supposed to be working on her latest speculative fiction journey – The Chronicles of Eldershire. She has this really evil witch – Nukpana Fraener – that Pam appears to be struggling with her character.

Why the struggle? I’m not sure. But, I will tell you, it seems to eat her up inside when she does write about her. I see Pam stop and go. I see her reading other books with strong antagonists. She gets an idea, sits down to write, and then types some. Just as suddenly, she stops.

Do you have any ideas of how I might be able to help her? Can you point me to an evil protagonist that you liked, but wished would die? I can think of a few, but I think she is still searching for the type of antagonist that will inspire her to write. What do you think? Why do you think she is having trouble?

Lately, in the evenings when her husband, Hobbit King, comes home, after dinner, they spend their late evening hours watching GRIMM. Kinda of a marathon “catch up.” Oh, if you haven’t seen this show, which I think is a new twist on a contemporary soap opera, you need to watch it. It is full of twists & turns and lots of evil folks. Pam and Hobbit King are currently watching Season 5.

Pam said to me she thought it might help her inspire her writing. I’m not sure it has. But, then again, she is blogging today. Something she hasn’t done for two weeks. What do you think? Do you have any advice for her?

Thanks in Advance

Well, I’ve got to get back to helping her. She’s heading out now to go do some errands. She says she hopes to sit down and get back to her novel. (She hasn’t written on it for a week. She hasn’t been on any social media for two weeks. She kind of separated herself.) I’m not worried about her yet. But, I see the struggle in her face. (Yes, pun intended for those of you who watch GRIMM). So, any help you can give. She will very much appreciate. And, so will I!

Until later — Write On, My Friends!
Mr. Scruffy

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