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Learning about an Author’s Facebook Event

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K.R. Thompson, author of The Keeper Saga, started me on this journey when she invited me to be one of fourteen authors to celebrate in the release of her new novelette, The Wolf.

The beauty of this event is that I can sit in my chair, in the comfort of my home, in my pj’s, if I like. The horror of the event is that I will be interacting with well over 500 people at one time.

Facebook is one of those mediums that the vastness of it can slip past you without you even taking notice. The idea that over 3,400 people have been invited (as of this post) to this event is not possible for my little old brain to comprehend.

This is by far the biggest event I’ve ever had the privilege of participating. And, now, because of K.R. and her willingness to share, I will be able to meet people from all around the world. Imagine that!

The Pre-Party Event

Up until last night (when we had our practice run with Kim, which turned out to be a pre-party event), I truly had no clue what this Facebook event would be about. I was naive.

I’m a newbie on Facebook in many ways. Oh, I can post, click ‘like’ on my friends’ posts, and share posts with my friends that I read and think are cool. And, I’ve managed to create a fan page for sharing my author work. But, for the most part, I really have no clue just what all is possible.

Social Networking
Social Networking

Last night, though, I learned something remarkable. I learned just how vast and wide sweeping Facebook could be by watching K.R. and other authors interact.

Another author friend, Rosa Lee Jude, co-author of The Legends of Graham Mansion, is a master at the art of using Facebook. She worked her fingers like magic across the keyboard. Her posts were spot on and intrigued me at the same time. Her questions to trigger conversation were masterful. I sat and watched the various folks at the pre-party event in awe. I was mesmerized.

What Happens Next?

Saturday, September 13 from 8:00PM to 8:30PM EST I’ll be on deck. It will be my turn to work the keyboard magic. It is hoped I am able to be a good apprentice–to show K.R. and Rosa that I’m worthy of their efforts to share their talents–to feel the magic in me, too!

Figure with ThumbUp
Like, if you like!

Come celebrate with K.R. as she formally releases her novelette, The Wolf. Is a good story and worthy of being a prequel to The Keeper Saga, a series I hope you’ll find as wonderful to read!

The link to the Facebook Event Release Party–

So, if you want to cheer me on? If you’d like to see how I do?

Come on by. Visit the Facebook event with us!

Oh, if you want to join in the event earlier, K.R. will begin at 5:00PM and it runs to 11:00PM EST.

Write on!

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