The Letter

A Page of My Life

Front Cover The Letter
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In 2009, Aunt Neta, the last surviving sibling of Pam’s manic-depressive mother dies. Upon her passing, several overstuffed boxes of memorabilia and other trivial articles are passed to Pam for disposition. Those boxes, brimming with rubbish, sat in Pam’s attic until a 2011 New Year’s resolution starts her on the quest to remove the clutter. While sifting through the boxes of papers, letters, and pictures, Pam uncovers treasures she didn’t know existed and evidence that the man she was told was not her father is more divinely entwined with her life than she could’ve imagined.

This short memoir, The Letter: A Page of My Life, is a true story of separation, despair, grief, hope, and transformation, and a single enduring truth: Sometimes in order to love someone, you must let them go.

Publisher: J K Brooks Publishing
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Reviews:Amazon Verified Purchase Reader Review on Amazon Books wrote:

Having known the author in her early years through shared school and church life, I was eager to support her writing efforts and looked forward to reading her story. I was very touched by "Pam's story" and how she shared it, with honesty and a vulnerability that not many of us could muster even as a mature adult. I appreciated the detailed descriptions of her life, then and now, and I got to know her and appreciate her in new ways through the depth of her reflections. Pam is a gifted writer who never again needs to doubt if she can write. She has shared herself, through her writing, in a masterful way. While THE LETTER is her personal story, she shares it with such universality that it can't help but speak to any reader and cause that reader to reflect on his/her own life and the relationships and experiences that have contributed to it.

Amazon Verified Kindle Purchaser on Amazon Books wrote:

I just finished reading "The Letter" by Pam Brooks Newberry and I loved it. It is a great job of sharing feelings honestly and without apology.

I could relate to her story so well as I never met my biological father until I was 62 years old, I am now 65.

But having said that, it would not be necessary for anyone to have a common experience in order for this book to be appreciated for what it is. It's Great! She did an outstanding job of sharing a story that she needed to give to the world and I believe this book will help anyone with family reservations even if they lived with their parents in their youth as she and I certainly did not...It makes me especially proud that I too was a Virginia Baptist Children's Home Kid and that I have a friend like Pam Brooks Newberry...Thanks ... for a well written book.

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