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5 Reasons for the Season!

Mr. Scruffy giving me inspiration while I design the map of Eldershire.
Mr. Scruffy helping Pam get the map of Eldershire designed.

1. Being able to live the dream…

This holiday season I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how lucky I am, how many blessings I’ve received, and how I am able to live my life long dream of writing stories that touch others.

In doing this deep thinking, I decided that sharing my five reasons I love this season, I’d share a little of myself with you, my readers. You make it possible for me to live my dream. For that, I start in counting my many blessings!

Thank you for supporting me and in helping me live my dream!

2. Family & Friends…

If you flip through the archives of this website, you’ll find several pictures of friends. This picture meant a lot to me when I was doing a book signing at Farmer’s Daughter in Wytheville (apologizes for the fuzzy image).

Reading Fans at a book signing event.
Friends and Family sharing in the joy at a book signing at Farmer’s Daughter (L to R: Linda, Tracey, Barbara, Julie, & me).

The pic below is of a Reading Fan, Glo, who has since become a very dear friend and she enjoys helping me by being a member of my VIP SQUAD too! A Win-Win for us BOTH!

Glo and Edith visiting Pam
Glo and Edith visiting with Pam at one of her book signings.

3. Good Food & Great Times…

If you enjoy food, then you might also like what I do — browsing magazines and cookbooks and looking at pictures of good food! It is great fun to make plans and to get ideas to fix good food for great times of fellowship. I must admit, I love food. Always have. “Comfort food” is important in my life.

Orange Cranberry Biscotti is a food favorite.
It’s time for some hot green tea with homemade Orange Cranberry Biscotti

As for Great Times, all you have to do is connect with me. I enjoy reaching out to my family, friends, and my reading fans through notes, letters, and at this time of the year, holiday cards. I’ve spent the last three weeks working on mailing Christmas Cards to those whose addresses I’ve collected over the years. I’m proud to say I’m getting ready to complete those and get the last of them in the mail on Friday (December 21). Yay! I’m so happy I managed to get them done before Christmas! That does not always happen (Giggle, Snicker).

4. The Love of listening to Music & Old Time Radio Classics, Reading, & watching TV Series I’ve missed…

This reason for the season is a little long, but I do love all those things and more. You that follow me know I am eclectic with my hobbies — I love working on so many things, so much so that Albert finds himself wondering what I’ll do next (large laugh). I’ll let you in on a secret. Now that he has retired, he never seems to know what I’m doing (belly laugh).

I’ve shared in the past the music I love to listen to while writing, cooking, or just working around Hobbit’s Bend. On my welcome page (about midway down) is a link to the songs I listened to while I wrote The Marine Letsco Trilogy. If you haven’t check the songs out, please do. And let me know what you like to listen to!

I’m working on Book 2 – DarkShadow of the The Chronicles of Eldershire, and I’m collecting songs that I enjoy hearing while I’m in my writing zone.

5. The Chance to SHARE my JOY with YOU!

Cover of Book 1 - The Fire Within
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For three days, J. K. Brooks Publishing and Pam are excited to offer a FREE eBook download of The Fire Within from Amazon between Sunday, December 23, 2018 through Tuesday, December 25, 2018.

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This is a great GIFT to give to a family member, friend, or other reading pal that may not have heard of my writing. Feel free to share with your family and friends!

Well, that’s it! My five reasons (oh, you do know I have more) for the season. It is hoped you enjoyed reading. Thanks for reading! If you like this blog post and want to support it, forward it to a friend, join Pam’s Newsletter, or become a VIP SQUAD member, or best of all, buy a book!

If you’re seeing this blog post for the first time, join the other followers by signing up using the link provided below my mug shot! And, leave a comment, connect with me!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
See you in 2019!
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5 Reasons for Giving Thanks at Christmas

Giving Thanks at Christmas

Giving Thanks at Christmas

Why five reasons for giving thanks?

Actually, if I were to be honest, there should be more…

Reason Number One:

It is after 7 a.m. and I must get started on wrapping presents (I finished mailing Christmas cards).

Reason Number Two:

A dear high school chum that lives away sent me a book about a serial killer. He told me not to read it before Christmas, as it was a very dark story. I guess he sent it to me because of my first series, which for some folks could be considered on the dark side. After all, how many females do you know who make a living killing folks. I have a suspicion, he thinks I need to go darker in future books. He’s like that. I need to send him a package, which will arrive after Christmas. I like getting presents after Christmas Day. Do you?

Reason Number Three:

In a little less than forty-eight hours, it will be Christmas morning. Bah Humbug as some would say. We will have family and friends joining us to share in a Christmas meal. I need to start cooking. Five reasons helps to shorten my stalling time. I could write ten reasons or maybe twenty reasons. We orphans (as my loving Hubby calls me) know how to stall. Cooking a country ham on an old wood cook stove will slow anybody up. Bah Humbug.

Reason Number Four:

I haven’t gotten my Hubby (better known to some of you as Hobbit King) anything in his stocking. He’s still a sleep and if I’m lucky I’ll get these reasons written, posted, and a couple of things wrapped to go in his stocking before he wakes. Then, some how, I have to remember where I stashed that present I bought him back in August. Yeah. I didn’t write a note to myself. Bah Humbug.

Reason Number Five:

Oh gees. I’m at five already (I have so many things to say). THANK YOU family and friends who smile at me when I share what I’m writing next, nod your head in understanding, and then whisper to each other, “Is she for real?” THANK YOU dear author friends. You know who you are. The ones that send me little notes, give me a text message of encouragement, or just know when I need to go get a strong cup of Joe. And, THANK YOU readers and supporters of my writing. You have been a blessing to me by giving your valuable time (and your hard-earned money) to allow me to put my words before you, read them, and commented. You continue to give me reasons to write on!

Reason Number ????:

I couldn’t resist!

Merry Christmas to each of you, Happy New Year! And, may you receive all of the blessings of faith, hope, and love. May 2017 be all you hope it to be and more. See you in the pages!

Write On!
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