The Chronicles of Eldershire

Magic. Mysticism. Intrigue. All in Eldershire! The Chronicles of Eldershire is a speculative fantasy fiction series that includes Book One, The Owl, the Sword, & the Efil Stone available for your reading pleasure. Book Two, DarkShadow is in final production stages with scheduled release of November 2019. Suppose that a woman, near retirement, travels to… Continue reading The Chronicles of Eldershire

The Letter: A Page of My Life

Click to purchase on Amazon. To purchase locally, scroll down for a listing of local vendors. Description In 2009, Aunt Neta, the last surviving sibling of Pam’s manic-depressive mother dies. Upon her passing, several overstuffed boxes of memorabilia and other trivial articles are passed to Pam for disposition. Those boxes, brimming with rubbish, sat in… Continue reading The Letter: A Page of My Life