Book Two, Thursday's with KC

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road

Writing is a challenge when you are pulled in about six directions. Coming off summer, which is full of so much activity, I find I’m struggling to keep my bottom in my writing chair. But, if cool temps prevail, I may not have too much trouble.

KC is finding herself in some horrifying circumstances. It seems evil has its place even when it is not wanted. I’ve been listening to more podcasts from Lore ( I didn’t mention it in my prior listing), but understanding that the world can be strange and an evil place isn’t the same as hearing about how strange and evil the world can be. As the website at Lore says, “Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.”

We’re finishing up the last of the garden harvest over the next few weeks. Freezing and canning is on the agenda. Coupled with me writing, writing, and writing!

Hope you are following your dreams! If not, just follow the yellow brick road…

Write On!
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This post first appeared on Pam’s Blog on September 6, 2018.