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Podcasts – they’re just cool!

podcast imageThe first time I encountered podcasts was when the Palm Pilot first arrived on the scene. I was on the road a lot then and the Palm Pilot not only held my life in its little storage area, but my entertainment too. Podcasts were the hot way to stay on top of all things. I loved listening to various programs. I still am subscribed to a couple from way back then. Others have gone to higher hunting grounds.

Recently, I crossed over to the dark side and purchased an iPhone 7. Last night, I synced my cell with iTunes and uploaded to my cell about 40 podcasts. Yes, I’m behind listening. But, we are going on vacay, and I’ve planned to do lots of listening. Well, some, anyway.

If you have a favorite podcast (or other media I should try), share with me in the comments. I’m always looking out for new things to listen to whether it be music, words, or interesting tidbits of facts I’ll probably never use (Shameless, I know). Here are some podcasts you might find enjoyable:

  1. Criminal – a podcast about crime – but just not any crime. The stories are very fascinating and serve for good information when writing. Worth a check.
  2. Myths and Legends – Telling the stories of the past in the language of the present. Every Wednesday you’ll have a treat for your ears.
  3. Stuff you Missed in History Class – Oh, my Gosh! This is so for me. History, I love it, I just never learned how to do it. Seriously! You got to check this one out!
  4. The Dark Tome – And, boy is it dark. I love hearing stories read to me or told via the old Radio Classics. (See an earlier post here). This is a different bird though. Recommend you don’t listen to some of these casts from The Dark Tome alone or late at night. Freaking scary, this one is!
  5. Imaginary Worlds – This one is a fun one for me as I get to learn about some really great creative folks out in the world — Ursula K. Le Guin, Worldbuilding with Music, The Book of Dune and more.  It is a bi-weekly podcast about SCI-FI & other Fantasy genres hosted by Eric Molinksy. Check it out!

That’s my list for now. More will come — there are several hundreds more out there! We’re not alone!

Image by Naypong from Free Digital Photos.net

I’m still writing Book 2 – DarkShadow of The Chronicles of Eldershire series. The research is proving very fun and the darkness of this book is chasing me out into the garden!

Hey…the life we live is the life we choose!

Happy Labor Day to you all!

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This post first posted Pam’s Blog on August 30, 2018

6 thoughts on “Podcasts and Me”

  1. Have a relaxing vacation. Save a little time for quietness too. I’m crafting a new story, “free to move about the cabin.” May send it to you when it’s in readable condition. Enjoy!😎🎵

    1. Thanks, Diane!
      We had a most delightful time. Then, we came home and I was so far behind. I’m still catching up! LOL!

      Please do send me your story when you think you are ready to share. Would love to read it! Love the title! Is it a story about being on an airplane? Sounds like it! Intrigued! 🙂

    1. Hello, Pacifique…

      I don’t share my personal e-mail address, but my website e-mail address will reach me directly. You can write me at info [at] pambnewberry [dot] com. Spelled out to reduce spam. Thanks for understanding! Cheers, Pam

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