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Is it a Christmas FREEbie, a December FREEbie, or a Cyber FREEbie? Either way, The Fire Within is available for FREE in eBook format now through Sunday, December 11, 2016.

Treat yourself — share this post —  give it to a friend or add it to your gift list. Either way, remind someone, that yes, you really do want a book. This book.

Cover of Book 1 - The Fire Within - Freebie
Available in print, eBook, or audio formats

Go to Amazon to download the eBook of The Fire Within. This FREEbie is valid only for ebooks downloaded through Amazon. (They download worldwide.)

If you’ve waited for a FREEbie, now is the time to get this wonderful introduction to the world of Marine Letsco.


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NOTE: The eBook download for free is now (Thursday, December 8) through Sunday, December 12, 2016. Get it now before you forget!