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Thirty-eight — The number of years we’ve loved each other!

Friday, August 26 will be our thirty-eight year anniversary! Here are few snap shots from way back then…

Wedding Invitation – Thirty-eight years ago!

Invitation to our wedding in 1978 -thirty-eight years ago.
Invitation to our wedding in 1978.

















Here is the inside:

Thirty-eight yrs ago - Invitation

















Here we are cutting our cake. The wedding was such fun and we were looking forward to getting out of our clothes. It was a hot August day.

Thirty-eight years ago. Cake is old.
Cutting the cake.

















My pose for the paper

Back then, b/w photos were the norm. Look at our napkins. The letter “N” was going to be part of my initials!

Pam posing and napkins from thirty-eight years ago.
Pam posing and our napkins.
















We had matches as souvenirs, too. Wish I had a picture of the matchbook. It said “The Perfect Match” with our names and date. Course, back then, everybody smoked.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip down memory lane!

Hugs and Write On!

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  1. To my wife thanks for standing beside me all the time you got us in trouble. Love you to the moon and back.

    1. Thank you dear Husband #1!!! You’re a hoot! Me, get us in trouble…Naaaaa…HUGS with much Love for 38 more!

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