Five Reasons I Haven’t Blogged

This blog about the five reasons I’ve not been blogging really has six reasons, but who’s counting…


One of the possible reasons that the Little girl (Pam) dreaming her story as she reads isn't blogging...
One of the possible reasons that the Little girl (Pam) dreaming her story as she reads isn’t blogging… (Image courtesy of J. K. Brooks Publishing)

Reason One:

I haven’t blogged since November (of 2015 that is). Why? The first reason, I got horribly busy with the holidays. I kept thinking I’d get back to it. I didn’t because of Reason Number Two!


Reason Two:

I caught the dreaded Bronchitis. Yep! Even though I had received my annual flu shot, downed all of the vitamin C – naturally and in pill form – I could find; I still caught it. You guessed it, my husband shared the love! Hahaha…yes, more ways than one! Then came Reason Number Three…


Reason Three:

I was busy with the new year, doing taxes, working on how I wanted to improve my book sales, and all the while fighting the Bronchitis that just wouldn’t go away. That makes me think of that classic Canadian cat carton. You know the one. The Cat Came Back; He wouldn’t go away. Well, I’ve modified it to–The Bronch came back, it wouldn’t go away… (If you’ve not seen that wonderful cartoon, click the video and enjoy! It’s a hoot!)

This is the classic Canadian cartoon! Awesomely funny!


And then…there is Reason Four!


Reason Four:

By the time January had come to a close, I was now out of the habit of blogging. So, I struggled with getting my act together. Alas, I had also received a gym membership as a Christmas gift from my dear husband to help me stay active. As a writer, I tend to sit a lot during the day. Yep! You guessed it again. I had not even taken the membership out of the envelope, yet alone use it. Then, a dear friend and his wife began reminding me how I should get out and exercise. So, more delay in getting back to blogging. And, finally, Reason Five!


Reason Five:

I don’t have a reason five. I know, I said five reasons, but I couldn’t think of a fifth reason not to blog. Thus, I’m now writing. I did try getting my Happy V. I. P. Reader newsletter ready. I’m so close. I’ve chosen my winners for the first quarter of 2016 — one for each month — so, if you’re a Happy V. I. P. Reader (or you think you might want to be – sign up by clicking here quickly!). Then, be on the look out for an e-mail from me!

Well. I did it! I got my first blog written for 2016!! Whoopppieeeeeee!

Write On!

Reason Six:

Not really a reason, but thought you’d like to know… I’m working on writing a new series. Stay tuned for more updates on that real soon!



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