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Assumption is a flaw we all have. There are times it serves us well, but taking for granted you know what is happening to you can sometimes cause you to be wrong, all because you make an assumption. KC is suffering from headaches; some would say they might have been severe migraines. She sees things that aren’t there, hears voices, and in general, she thinks, or is it assumes, she might be going crazy. When she seeks help for her affliction, KC comes to understand assumptions can be dark and dangerous and can cast shadows on her life. Return to the magical Land of Eldershire with Mr Scruffy, Iolair, and Gavin as they join with KC in a quest to rid Eldershire of a chilling and most despicable creature ever to walk amongst them—Nukpana Fraener.

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Months after returning from Eldershire and a successful quest to retrieve the Efil Stone, her mind began to play tricks on her. KC Carson would notice a movement off to her side, only to turn and find nothing there. Or she’d hear a sound, and swear there was someone or something in the house with her, but she was alone.

Each time, her head would pound with pain that would rage from deep within her.
 Once, she swore she heard a voice speaking to her from a far distance. She had her hearing checked only to learn her hearing was fine. She couldn’t forget the words—

Life is full of dark shadows. Some linger, others come when least expected. With a sense of purpose, one can overcome the dark shadows that threaten to take you away

Who said that to me? She wondered.

The last heat of summer was seizing its every chance to make August the hottest month. Walking into the kitchen after being outside for hours harvesting the last of her garden’s bounty, KC was trying to fend off the latest head throb in hopes another migraine didn’t materialize. Pork ribs were cooking in the crockpot, and now she needed to fix the sides for a home cooked meal for the family. She was tired, but happy. Her head throbbed.

…KC took a drink of water from her insulated bottle. The ice-cold liquid made her body feel refreshed as it slithered down her throat—the pain washing away…

Then, the pain hit her again. If I could get this headache to leave me alone, she thought. She opened the oven to get the baked beans, and jumped back. She thought she saw eyes looking back at her. Thankfully, she didn’t drop the Dutch oven. Setting it on the counter, she grabbed her head. The pain was becoming unbearable. She went to the bathroom to get some aspirin.

“Is something wrong?” Jack asked, walking up to the bathroom doorway.

KC moved over to him, and then wrapped her arms around his trim waist. She didn’t want him to know she was having another headache. Each time he found out, they got into a disagreement about what she should do.

“I don’t want to ruin our day, but I’ve got another headache. Thought I’d better take an aspirin so I can enjoy our time together. No worries. It’ll pass.”

She walked over to the bathroom cabinet. The pain surged. She grabbed the counter of the bathroom sink. She looked to Jack. His forehead wrinkled with his eyebrows drawn together. He cleared his throat.

“What?” KC said feeling her throat closing up with tightness in her chest. “You don’t believe me?”

“Of course, I believe you. I’m worried about you.” Boomer walked up, but stood closer to Jack and pawed his leg.

KC reached to pet Boomer. He growled again, and then ran back toward the den.

“That’s odd,” Jack said.

KC shrugged. “My life is full of oddness anymore.”

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