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27 Replies to “Pam’s Newsletter”

  1. This is so cool. I have never personally known an author. We go back a few years together and that makes this even more personal to me. I did read The Letter and just tonight begun the first of three. Now that I’m retired, reading has become much more enjoyable. Looking forward to getting back to book numbr one in the morning. The Letter helped me bring back some of my old memories of the home !

    1. Hello, Billy! Wow, what a high complement from a dear friend. Even though we lost contact over the years, we’ve picked back up as though we were in high school again! Sure am honored and pleased that you enjoyed “The Letter” and hope you will enjoy the Marine Letsco trilogy just as much! Thank you for leaving a comment. I look forward to hearing from you after you finish reading “The Fire Within.” Enjoy!

      1. Hi Pam. Sure hope you have had a great summer. What are you writing next ? We drove down your way back in June and wanted to call you. Maybe sometime my wife,Carol, and I can meet up with you. I’m happy for your successful writing career. God bless ….Billy

        1. Hey, Billy! The summer has flown by. We had our 45th High School Reunion. Was hoping I’d get to see you there! You and Carol come by any time. We’d love to visit! As for what I’m writing – it is a speculative fiction series featuring Kay “KC” Carson, 63-year old woman that transports back in time to when she was 16 where she gets to explore the saying, “If I only knew then what I know now.” I’m having fun with it. There will be the typical encounters with time travel, evil creatures, and a wicked dragon or witch to contend with. I’ll drop you a note via e-mail in case you don’t get to see my reply. Cheers! Pam

        1. Hey, Billy! At some point, yes. After completing the series I’m currently writing, Marine has said I needed to write more about her, so, as a result, I have a couple of story lines for Marine brewing. She is a fun character to spend time with. I’m so glad you like her and THANKS for signing up for the Happy V. I. P. Reader group! You might want to update your profile and add in your birthday at some point. I’m getting ready to conduct some drawings for the last two quarters. (I got behind doing Quarter Two). Shame on me! You might be lucky!


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