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A VIP Squad member is a Very Important to Pam reader!

And, it’s a Win-Win!

When you join Pam’s VIP SQUAD, you will receive FREE EARLY RELEASED BOOKS prior to release day on Amazon, special announcements, and interesting tidbits about hobbies I enjoy. In return, if you choose, you can pay it forward by writing an honest review on release day. You will get early access to every book I write, for as long as you wish!

In addition, in the future, you’ll be invited to help me make decisions about story lines, too.

The truth is that no one works alone – especially authors. You’ve heard the old saying about a writer’s life is lonely. That’s true if an author never lets his or her writing be seen by others. But, I write with you, the reader, in mind. Your feedback to me is important. Actually, it is critical I hear from you.

That’s why members of my VIP SQUAD will have the chance to look at beta versions of my books and help me make them better, and I’ll ask your opinions and assistance on things in return for free books and the opportunity to improve them for other readers!

If you are interested joining with me, send me an e-mail by December 31, 2018 telling me you would like to be a member of Pam’s VIP SQUAD. You will  receive a follow-up email letting you know your preferences have been modified and you are now a member of the VIP SQUAD.

NOTE: After you sign up, you may want to verify your preferences are updated and you might want to check on other information, such as changing your email address when it changes to stay connected! And, if you add in your mailing address, I’ll be able snail mail you an occasional Post Card for announcements, and include your birth month for extra special events. 

Please do join the VIP SQUAD! You’ll enjoy talking with me and other dedicated readers like you!

NOTE TWO: 100% PRIVACY GUARANTEED! I’ll never share your e-mail address, mailing address, or other information about you with anyone.

In order to sign up for the VIP SQUAD, you must send me a note and you will receive follow-up emails with steps on how to get your free book when a new book is released. Again, all you have to do is sign up. If you choose to write a review afterwards, it is a win-win for both of us!

If you questions, please send me a note at info [at] pambnewberry [dot] com.


I’ll be writing to you soon!
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