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10 Things I’d Like to Tell My 14-year-old Self

Ten things I’d like to tell my 14-year-old self now that I’m 64…

My favorite musician and song writer, Paul McCartney’s song (credited to Lennon-McCartney), “When I’m Sixty-Four,” (Listen to song on Ultimate Classic Rock) has been a song I’ve loved since it’s release in 1967. Tomorrow, I turn sixty-four. So, while listening to this classic Beatles’ song, I thought I’d write my list of things I’ve learned through the years.

Pam-Pink Hat - 04-08-17
When I’m sixty-four…

Here it is, if given the chance, this is the short list of things I’d go back and tell myself I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Life is too short to be anything but happy — Sure there are times this is hard, real hard, but don’t look at others and see their happiness without taking it in; Give a smile, receive thousands back. Embrace life!
  2. Be yourself — Trying to be like those you think have it great is not a good thing; it causes you great pain. As Mr Scruffy says, “Be HOO You Owlways Are!” You’ll be happier for it.
  3. Be Pleased with What God Gave You to Work With — it may not look like the most beautiful beings you’ve encountered, but have you ever thought that just maybe you MIGHT look beautiful to others. Embrace what God gave you to work with and work it, girl!
  4. Don’t be afraid — of anything! Take that idea with you on every step you take. Be yourself. Be pleased with what God gave you, and don’t be afraid to try on that dress, that special hat, that smile! Live your life and enjoy it along the way, it helps on so many levels to not be afraid.
  5. Give and it will come back to you multiplied — luck isn’t something you receive, but something you earn through the act of giving. The more you pay it forward, the more it returns. I know that now.
  6. Use the time you are given — Live…embrace your goals, go after them, and enjoy it along the way, but also take time for yourself. Meditate more. Breath more. Love more. Pray more. Use your time more.
  7. Choose wisely — but don’t hesitate to say or do what you need when you are living up to points 1 through 6 above — My favorite line from “Little Big Man” is when the character Grandfather has gone to the top of the mountain to die, he says, “It is a good day to die.” Yes, it is a good day to die, but it is also a good day to live. Choose wisely.
  8. Focus on your goals — your dreams — your purpose — We’ve all been given a gift. Find what yours is and use it. Focus your goals to see them come to life. Dream, Dream, Dream, and Believe, Believe, Believe. The Secret is in the seeing of you being whom you should be and reaching your goals as you envisioned, always remembering to do good, be happy, and reach for the stars. It truly is possible.
  9. As you age, remember your past — It got me where I am now. Don’t think on the bad, the good, or the ugly, but embrace what you learned along the way. Learning from your past helps you have a most wonderful future. You’ve proven that in the past 64 years. Keep it up!
  10. Love whom your with – Love Nature, too! — Share your positive outlook with others, love all those who love you, share your smile to help those who haven’t had the opportunity to learn life isn’t always hurtful. Even during your darkest moments remember that the truth of the world is in balance. For every dark moment there is a light moment. Help the world stay in balance by lighting a candle of hope, love, and charity. Love all and you will receive love back. And, in loving all, remember to love nature, too! Mother Earth embraces all life, as should we!

    Wild Turkey running along.

That’s it, for now. It is hoped my future sees more years where I can reflect back and ponder my life’s journey. These ideas I’ve placed here are not profound, but they are mine. I share them with you in hopes they help you along your journey!

Write on!


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