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Podcasts and Me

Podcasts – they’re just cool!

podcast imageThe first time I encountered podcasts was when the Palm Pilot first arrived on the scene. I was on the road a lot then and the Palm Pilot not only held my life in its little storage area, but my entertainment too. Podcasts were the hot way to stay on top of all things. I loved listening to various programs. I still am subscribed to a couple from way back then. Others have gone to higher hunting grounds.

Recently, I crossed over to the dark side and purchased an iPhone 7. Last night, I synced my cell with iTunes and uploaded to my cell about 40 podcasts. Yes, I’m behind listening. But, we are going on vacay, and I’ve planned to do lots of listening. Well, some, anyway.

If you have a favorite podcast (or other media I should try), share with me in the comments. I’m always looking out for new things to listen to whether it be music, words, or interesting tidbits of facts I’ll probably never use (Shameless, I know). Here are some podcasts you might find enjoyable:

  1. Criminal – a podcast about crime – but just not any crime. The stories are very fascinating and serve for good information when writing. Worth a check.
  2. Myths and Legends – Telling the stories of the past in the language of the present. Every Wednesday you’ll have a treat for your ears.
  3. Stuff you Missed in History Class – Oh, my Gosh! This is so for me. History, I love it, I just never learned how to do it. Seriously! You got to check this one out!
  4. The Dark Tome – And, boy is it dark. I love hearing stories read to me or told via the old Radio Classics. (See an earlier post here). This is a different bird though. Recommend you don’t listen to some of these casts from The Dark Tome alone or late at night. Freaking scary, this one is!
  5. Imaginary Worlds – This one is a fun one for me as I get to learn about some really great creative folks out in the world — Ursula K. Le Guin, Worldbuilding with Music, The Book of Dune and more.  It is a bi-weekly podcast about SCI-FI & other Fantasy genres hosted by Eric Molinksy. Check it out!

That’s my list for now. More will come — there are several hundreds more out there! We’re not alone!

Image by Naypong from Free Digital Photos.net

I’m still writing Book 2 – DarkShadow of The Chronicles of Eldershire series. The research is proving very fun and the darkness of this book is chasing me out into the garden!

Hey…the life we live is the life we choose!

Happy Labor Day to you all!

Write On!
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This post first posted Pam’s Blog on August 30, 2018

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How do I go from here?

Really? How do I go …

How do I go from here?

I mean, just what am I doing?

I sit at my Mac. My fingers type. I stop.

How do I go from here and make it in this world I say I want to be a part?

I look around. I type some more. And, then I look down and I find myself hitting the backspace key until the page is blank.

I get up, I walk over to the window. I look out. I walk over to the table next to my chair; pick up the glass of wine. I drink. I walk over to my chair. I sit. I pick up an ink pen. I tap the pen on the paper. I begin to doodle.

Woodie, my husband, walks in, “What ya working on?”


“Stuff? I thought you said you were writing today?”

“Yeah. So did I.” I sigh.

Finding Inspiration

I decide to go out on the web and see what inspiration I can garner up. I first go to the tried and true folks I admire (code for ‘I am jealous of…’). I read their latest newsletters or blogs. I sigh.

I sigh not because I don’t like what they read. I sigh because I feel as though I don’t have time. I don’t have time to do all of the things I they seem to do. I can’t make it. How do I go forward?

I give up and I begin to write in my journal. I love my journal. I can talk to it like no one else. I can say things I’d never say to anyone else. I’m not afraid my journal will fall into the wrong hands. If it does, it will be after I’m dead and gone. I read Agatha Christi’s notebooks. Okay, I didn’t actually read THE notebooks, but I read the book about her notebooks. It made me feel good. It made me feel like an author. I liked knowing she had moments like mine. Like the one I’m having right this minute. I liked seeing that some of her journal pages had notes about groceries or notes about a phone call she might have received. Wait. Were phones available then? I need to research that. I’m not sure. Maybe someone came to visit her and she doodled while they talked. May be.

One of my most favorite folks to read and follow along is Austin Kleon — his March 24 blog – Three reasons why you should show your work – spoke volumes to me. It inspired me to try my blog. And, I’m buying his book, Show Your Work!

Staying Inspired

Now that I’m inspired to continue being inspired, I need to share something else I’ve done this past week that is new for me. I haven’t read a book in a while. Probably not in the last four months, at least. Oh, I’ve read tons of material for my technical writing work, but nothing for FUN! I started one book that I never finished. I was sad I didn’t finish it.

The other day while spending some time on FaceBook, I saw a trailer about a series that had recently (meaning in the last six months) been turned into a movie. The book? Oh. It was written by Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which is Book One of the three book series. The second book, Hollow City is now in print, too. And the third book is due out in the fall. I bought the first two books and pre-ordered book three.

I finished reading book one last night. Fabulous! Purely fabulous. So much so, it has inspired me to get off my duff and continue writing my new series. Which leads me to what Austin said about showing your work…

In his post, he shared some steps, of which, step one stated: “Documenting your process helps your progress.”

I liked that idea.

I’m going to give it a try to help me become more consistent with my blogging. You see. I did a report of progress when Hobbit King (my husband) and I started building our beehives the first year we became honeybee keepers. See my first blog about that here. I’m going to try Austin’s idea for encouraging me while I’m on this writing journey.

How do I go journal entry
How do I go — Journal Entry

Documenting Progress

Beginning a new book series

  1. I’ve talked with our daughter, Ms. J, who is a graphic artist. She’s done the covers for all of my books. We’ve recently redesigned the cover for Book One, The Fire Within of the Marine Letsco Trilogy. I’ll be updating that book cover in the next several weeks. She also began brainstorming with me on ideas about the three book covers for my new series.
  2. I haven’t named the series yet. But, I do know I’ll have a strong female protagonist named Kay. There will be other characters to populate the series and of course, a villain or two or three.
  3. The series will include mysticism, magic, and mathematics. Three topics I’ve loved and read about since I first read C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia when I was in the fourth grade. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a writer some day.
  4. The throes of world building are playing havoc with my brain. I’m hoping this documenting progress habit will help me work through it. If any of you have good resources I should read or refer to that will give me much-needed support, please don’t hesitate to share! You can leave a comment or you can write me directly at info [at] pambnewberry [dot] com.
  5. I’ve wondered — how many of you have thought about your life, your existence, your past, your future? Yes. I thought so. Probably most, if not all of you. Kay will be doing the same. At the ripe old age of sixty-three, Kay will take a journey to another place where she will be 15 again. A chance to do it all over and live the kind of life she always wanted.


How do I go from here? By starting. I’ve written more on this blog post than I generally do and it’s all because of you, Austin Kleon! You gave me the push, the drive, the ‘why not?’ to cause me to ask, “Yeah. How do I go?” and to cause me to answer, “I go forward!”

Till next time…please consider leaving a comment, sending me a note, or better yet, join my list of supporters by becoming a Happy V. I. P. Reader! Who knows what great inspiring things I’ll learn, and then I’ll pass on to you!

Write on with Cheers!
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This post, How do I go from here? was first published on Pam’s Blog on April 3, 2016.

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Being Patient while Protecting Me from Me

“I thank God for protecting me from me from what I thought I wanted and blessing me with what I didn’t know I needed.” ~ Estelea

When I read the above sentence from Estelea’s Blog, I found my self thinking of the blessings I’ve received. It is February 2015. At this writing, I am two months away from my sixty-second birthday. That almost seems preposterous to me. I mean, how on Earth did I get to be so lucky to live this long.

This evening (Sunday, February 1), I watched one of the many Super Bowl commercials. Besides falling in love with the Budweiser commercial. You know the one, the sweet puppy and those wonderful Clydesdales. I also loved the one by Dodge celebrating 100 years since it was “born” (as the ad stated). If you didn’t see it,  it featured men and women, all of whom had each lived at least 100 years. They shared words of wisdom of how to live and enjoy the life given to them, as they saw it. I marveled at the folks featured. I wondered about their lives–what joys they met along their journey. What pains they suffered, too.

My blessings are many. For that I’m eternally grateful. I have a friend, partner, and lover in my life — my husband. We are proud of our daughter and her dog, Miloh; they bring us great joy. We have a lovely home. And now, I find I am living a life I first dreamed of when I was in fifth grade and I had read The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. I dreamed then that I wanted to be a writer.

For years, I didn’t understand that I wasn’t ready to have that dream. Until now. I wasn’t aware that  God was protecting me from me. That he was giving me what I needed at the time to prepare me for what I thought I wanted when I would appreciate it. That in the process, he would bless me with people, events, and the magical moments that I would cherish and use to help me understand I was blessed with what I didn’t know I needed.

I’ve heard the saying, when one door closes another one opens and you never know how much greater it will be on the other side. I didn’t always appreciate those words. I didn’t always want to hear them. But, they are valuable at helping one realize good things do indeed come to those who wait and have patience.

It’s hard, but it’s worth it. A book I have read and reread over the last couple of years has empowered me to believe. The book? The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It has touched my life in a magnitude of ways. My recommendation: Read it. Believe it. Live it.

How about you? What do you have to be thankful for in your life? What people, events, or magical moments have touched you? Share in the comments your life experiences that are protecting you.

See you on the ether…

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Learning to use Widgets and Plugins…

Just a note to say that learning to use widgets and plugins has been a challenge for me today!

Every time I think I have a handle on what I need to do to produce a blog post, I learn there is more, more, more…UGH…

Where is Calgon when you need it?

I’ve spent the better part of the morning trying to upload my blogroll links only to learn I need to do a plugin. Now, my work calls me to finish a project before I can get back to my darling post. Alas…time is rushing away…

So, I’ve decided to do this “quick” post.

Picture of lion cubs found on FB
Thanks for the hugs…

Hugs and Love to all followers…