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How do I go from here?

Really? How do I go …

How do I go from here?

I mean, just what am I doing?

I sit at my Mac. My fingers type. I stop.

How do I go from here and make it in this world I say I want to be a part?

I look around. I type some more. And, then I look down and I find myself hitting the backspace key until the page is blank.

I get up, I walk over to the window. I look out. I walk over to the table next to my chair; pick up the glass of wine. I drink. I walk over to my chair. I sit. I pick up an ink pen. I tap the pen on the paper. I begin to doodle.

Woodie, my husband, walks in, “What ya working on?”


“Stuff? I thought you said you were writing today?”

“Yeah. So did I.” I sigh.

Finding Inspiration

I decide to go out on the web and see what inspiration I can garner up. I first go to the tried and true folks I admire (code for ‘I am jealous of…’). I read their latest newsletters or blogs. I sigh.

I sigh not because I don’t like what they read. I sigh because I feel as though I don’t have time. I don’t have time to do all of the things I they seem to do. I can’t make it. How do I go forward?

I give up and I begin to write in my journal. I love my journal. I can talk to it like no one else. I can say things I’d never say to anyone else. I’m not afraid my journal will fall into the wrong hands. If it does, it will be after I’m dead and gone. I read Agatha Christi’s notebooks. Okay, I didn’t actually read THE notebooks, but I read the book about her notebooks. It made me feel good. It made me feel like an author. I liked knowing she had moments like mine. Like the one I’m having right this minute. I liked seeing that some of her journal pages had notes about groceries or notes about a phone call she might have received. Wait. Were phones available then? I need to research that. I’m not sure. Maybe someone came to visit her and she doodled while they talked. May be.

One of my most favorite folks to read and follow along is Austin Kleon — his March 24 blog – Three reasons why you should show your work – spoke volumes to me. It inspired me to try my blog. And, I’m buying his book, Show Your Work!

Staying Inspired

Now that I’m inspired to continue being inspired, I need to share something else I’ve done this past week that is new for me. I haven’t read a book in a while. Probably not in the last four months, at least. Oh, I’ve read tons of material for my technical writing work, but nothing for FUN! I started one book that I never finished. I was sad I didn’t finish it.

The other day while spending some time on FaceBook, I saw a trailer about a series that had recently (meaning in the last six months) been turned into a movie. The book? Oh. It was written by Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which is Book One of the three book series. The second book, Hollow City is now in print, too. And the third book is due out in the fall. I bought the first two books and pre-ordered book three.

I finished reading book one last night. Fabulous! Purely fabulous. So much so, it has inspired me to get off my duff and continue writing my new series. Which leads me to what Austin said about showing your work…

In his post, he shared some steps, of which, step one stated: “Documenting your process helps your progress.”

I liked that idea.

I’m going to give it a try to help me become more consistent with my blogging. You see. I did a report of progress when Hobbit King (my husband) and I started building our beehives the first year we became honeybee keepers. See my first blog about that here. I’m going to try Austin’s idea for encouraging me while I’m on this writing journey.

How do I go journal entry
How do I go — Journal Entry

Documenting Progress

Beginning a new book series

  1. I’ve talked with our daughter, Ms. J, who is a graphic artist. She’s done the covers for all of my books. We’ve recently redesigned the cover for Book One, The Fire Within of the Marine Letsco Trilogy. I’ll be updating that book cover in the next several weeks. She also began brainstorming with me on ideas about the three book covers for my new series.
  2. I haven’t named the series yet. But, I do know I’ll have a strong female protagonist named Kay. There will be other characters to populate the series and of course, a villain or two or three.
  3. The series will include mysticism, magic, and mathematics. Three topics I’ve loved and read about since I first read C. S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia when I was in the fourth grade. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a writer some day.
  4. The throes of world building are playing havoc with my brain. I’m hoping this documenting progress habit will help me work through it. If any of you have good resources I should read or refer to that will give me much-needed support, please don’t hesitate to share! You can leave a comment or you can write me directly at info [at] pambnewberry [dot] com.
  5. I’ve wondered — how many of you have thought about your life, your existence, your past, your future? Yes. I thought so. Probably most, if not all of you. Kay will be doing the same. At the ripe old age of sixty-three, Kay will take a journey to another place where she will be 15 again. A chance to do it all over and live the kind of life she always wanted.


How do I go from here? By starting. I’ve written more on this blog post than I generally do and it’s all because of you, Austin Kleon! You gave me the push, the drive, the ‘why not?’ to cause me to ask, “Yeah. How do I go?” and to cause me to answer, “I go forward!”

Till next time…please consider leaving a comment, sending me a note, or better yet, join my list of supporters by becoming a Happy V. I. P. Reader! Who knows what great inspiring things I’ll learn, and then I’ll pass on to you!

Write on with Cheers!
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Five Reasons I Haven’t Blogged

This blog about the five reasons I’ve not been blogging really has six reasons, but who’s counting…


One of the possible reasons that the Little girl (Pam) dreaming her story as she reads isn't blogging...
One of the possible reasons that the Little girl (Pam) dreaming her story as she reads isn’t blogging… (Image courtesy of J. K. Brooks Publishing)

Reason One:

I haven’t blogged since November (of 2015 that is). Why? The first reason, I got horribly busy with the holidays. I kept thinking I’d get back to it. I didn’t because of Reason Number Two!


Reason Two:

I caught the dreaded Bronchitis. Yep! Even though I had received my annual flu shot, downed all of the vitamin C – naturally and in pill form – I could find; I still caught it. You guessed it, my husband shared the love! Hahaha…yes, more ways than one! Then came Reason Number Three…


Reason Three:

I was busy with the new year, doing taxes, working on how I wanted to improve my book sales, and all the while fighting the Bronchitis that just wouldn’t go away. That makes me think of that classic Canadian cat carton. You know the one. The Cat Came Back; He wouldn’t go away. Well, I’ve modified it to–The Bronch came back, it wouldn’t go away… (If you’ve not seen that wonderful cartoon, click the video and enjoy! It’s a hoot!)

This is the classic Canadian cartoon! Awesomely funny!


And then…there is Reason Four!


Reason Four:

By the time January had come to a close, I was now out of the habit of blogging. So, I struggled with getting my act together. Alas, I had also received a gym membership as a Christmas gift from my dear husband to help me stay active. As a writer, I tend to sit a lot during the day. Yep! You guessed it again. I had not even taken the membership out of the envelope, yet alone use it. Then, a dear friend and his wife began reminding me how I should get out and exercise. So, more delay in getting back to blogging. And, finally, Reason Five!


Reason Five:

I don’t have a reason five. I know, I said five reasons, but I couldn’t think of a fifth reason not to blog. Thus, I’m now writing. I did try getting my Happy V. I. P. Reader newsletter ready. I’m so close. I’ve chosen my winners for the first quarter of 2016 — one for each month — so, if you’re a Happy V. I. P. Reader (or you think you might want to be – sign up by clicking here quickly!). Then, be on the look out for an e-mail from me!

Well. I did it! I got my first blog written for 2016!! Whoopppieeeeeee!

Write On!

Reason Six:

Not really a reason, but thought you’d like to know… I’m working on writing a new series. Stay tuned for more updates on that real soon!



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Reflections – Guest Blogger on Saturday, June 27

Hey Everyone!

I’ve got some awesome news to share!

I’ll be guest blogging for Janice Wald’s blog “Reflections” on Saturday, June 27. (NOTE: The link will NOT be live until Saturday morning.)

The post: Between Time is Where I Need to be Right Now will go live early Saturday morning. So plan to drop by for a visit, read it, and leave a comment.


Ask a question. I’ll be available from 5:00 a.m. until about 9:00 a.m. EST to interact with you live. I will also try to get on periodically throughout the day!

This is a real thrill for me as I’ve never been a guest blogger for someone before.

Ribbon-blue_FlourishPictures of my garden from harvesting blueberries and blackberries today:

The first picture is of a surprise. I had picked blueberries for about thirty minutes and I felt as though someone or something was looking at me. Was I surprised when I saw this baby praying mantis looking at me so intently. He turned his little head toward me just as I snapped my camera!

This baby praying mantis is about an inch long. He is resting on a blueberry bush leaf.
This baby praying mantis is about an inch long. He is resting on a blueberry bush leaf.

After I finished gathering several baskets of blueberries, I then moved over to the blackberries. They were more than ready for picking. I’m looking forward to making blackberry cobbler with these pretties. And happily, nothing surprised me among the bushes.

Blackberries ready for harvest
Blackberries ready for harvest.

Here’s hoping you have a glorious weekend and I see you on the ether!

Write on!

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Versatile Blogging Award

A fellow blogger friend of mine, BrillTeen, recently nominated me for the

Versatile Blogging Award

THANK YOU, BrillTeen! You’re a Wonderful Friend!

Your nomination means a lot to me! We’ve only known each other since we both participated in Blogging 101 and Blogging 102 together. If you are new to blogging, I recommend those classes offered by Blogging University. It will help you meet lots of wonderful new friends, like BrillTeen.

Here are the rules of the Versatile Blogging Award:

  1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share ten random facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate ten more bloggers who are fairly new to blogging.

Here are ten random facts about me!

  1. My nick name is Hobbit Queen (if you didn’t know)
  2. I have another blog that I’ve fallen behind posting — Miss Beehaven with Hobbit Queen (Yes, I know, I’ve been bad not posting there!!!)
  3. I’m a huge fan of Castle and Bones and Big Bang Theory
  4. I have the most fabulous Grand-Dog in the world – Mr. Miloh – He is adorable!
  5. There are times I can’t sleep, so I get up, write a blog post, drink coffee, and watch the sun rise.
  6. I am trying to learn how to make a perfect, Italian pizza – so if anyone know the secret for the perfect crust, please post in comments and we’ll connect!
  7. I love making stained glass projects, but lately it seems those projects have fallen to the wayside just like my Miss Beehaven blog.
  8. Flower and vegetable gardening is a passion of mine, but I don’t play in dirt enough!
  9. Snickers candy bars are a weakness of mine. So is coconut cream pie — actually, it is a disease!
  10. We live near water and I love fly fishing, bait fishing, fishing, boat riding, and all things water.

The beautiful and versatile bloggers I nominate are:

Karate Fox – A classy blog that offers four different types of blogs whose byline is “Silliness is the source of all wisdom.”

Murgatron’s Musing – Mur’s byline is very cool: “Not man nor machine but something more serene: The Human Experience” and Mur’s post are very interesting,

Real Life Natural Wife – Crissy writes and strikes a chord. Her byline: “Tried and true. Real life advice for a healthier, happier, more natural you.”

Pat’s Random Thoughts – Lady P Wiggins is a jewel.

Estelea’s Blog – Love the way this “French Mum, humanitarian, restless explorer and doer on sabbatical in Cebu (Philippines)…” shares her adventures!

Quilt Musings – Beautiful, just plain beautiful. Makes me want to pick up a needle and thread.

Reflections for my Soul – Truly a peek is shared and it is beautifully done!

Susan Rushton – Shares flowers and gardening, nature, writing, photography, marketing and design in a way that you feel invited right into the screen to visit with her. Lovely!

B’s Words – Barbie’s by line is perfect — “Stories and Journeys of an Optimistic Misfit.” Her wit and charm win you over.

Memory Bears by Bonnie – Is truly a “Ministry of Love”. In honor of TBT, I share Bonnie’s blog because of the ministry to does with it so well and that we first met in a class offered by Dan Blank about three years ago. I have followed her blog ever since.

There’s my ten that I’ve nominated. Please leave a comment after you take a minute or two to visit the listed blogs. I hope you find them as entertaining as I have.

May you have a wonderful evening and a glorious weekend!

Write on!

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