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Memorial Day Vintage Card
Memorial Day Vintage Card


In celebration of Memorial Day on Monday, May 29, 2017, my husband, Hobbit King, and I are planning to enjoy the entire weekend. In the past, it was sort of right of passage for summer. We knew that when this weekend came, we’d be moving into three months of bliss – summer.

Ten years ago, leading up to this holiday, our family was struck with three deaths within a ten-day period. First, my mother passed away on May 17 from complications of Alzheimer’s. During her funeral, my nephews, Justin and Josh, helped my brother, his wife, as well as me, my husband, and our daughter adjust to the fact that mother was gone. They did this in the only way those two could – through their kind words and hugs.

Then, on Sunday, May 27, the day before Memorial Day, Justin and Josh were in a car accident. Justin, 18, died on impact. He was two weeks away from his high school graduation. Josh, 24, lingered for a day, and then passed away. He had a young son and he had a promising future before him. Our family lost two handsome and beautiful souls that weekend. It goes without saying that it was devastating. We were at a loss. Death had taken much from us.

You may wonder why I share this now. It is because Memorial Day and Memorial Weekend is a time of remembrance.

In our family, it has and always will be a time to remember those who gave their lives and talents in service to our country. My father was in the Army and fought in both WWII and Korea. My mother was a WAC during WWII. Hobbit King’s father served in the Army during WWII and Hobbit King served during Vietnam. We both had uncles who served as well. And, it is an important time of remembrance for those we lost too soon – Justin and Josh.

Run for the Wall (RFTW)

Over the years, we remember in different ways. One of those ways comes around in a unique way. For the last fifteen or so years, our little town has celebrated with the riders who take part in the Southern Route of The Run for The Wall celebration each year. RFTW started in 1989, growing from the love of two Vietnam Veterans that saw a need and felt this one-act could help them help their fellow veterans (Click on the link for details about the ride). Today, Wednesday, May 24, the riders (a group about 500 strong) roared into town on their motorcycles with rain falling on them after eight grueling days riding cross-country from California. The sound of them all coming into town is indeed like “rolling thunder.”

The RFTW website shares why this ride is important and personal for each rider. The following is copied from the Southern Route itinerary information:

As we make our journey across this great land, please reflect on why you have chosen to join us. Be mindful of the RFTW Mission Statement:

  •   To promote healing among ALL veterans and their families and friends:
  •   To call for an accounting of all Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action (POW/MIA);
  •   To honor the memory of those Killed in Action (KIA) from all wars; and
  •   To support our military personnel all over the world.

What a worthy cause to take part and show support for our military. If you are not familiar with the Run for The Wall organization, what it means, and what it represents, I urge you to learn about it. Take time to learn about this promotion of healing for all veterans and their families and friends, and cheer these brave men and women on their ride to Washington, DC. where they will place wreaths at the memorials of our fallen service personnel.

Each rider is given a nick name when he or she joins in the RFTW ride. During twelve of those years, Hobbit King and I offered food and shelter to two very special riders – Nine Ball and Pocket (Don and Della). We came to love their visits with us. Two years ago, Don retired. So, he and Della do not make the long ride via motorcycles any more. But, in my heart, they are here visiting us today. They live in Arizona; we don’t get to see them like we used to do. One day, Hobbit King and I need to make a trip out west and visit them!

Time for Remembrance

This weekend, Hobbit King and I will be continuing our remembrance and celebration of Memorial Day and what it means to place a wreath, or stand and sing with our hands over our heart. We will celebrate in the lives lived, lives lost, and lives remembered. And, I’ll think of the words of poet W. S. Merwin from his poem Separation that I hope you will take the time to click and read. The poem is only two sentences long, but what powerful emotions he stirs in nineteen words. Please take time to read the works of Mr. Merwin. You will be blessed by them.

May your Memorial Weekend and Memorial Day be a time of blessing for you as you remember.

Always with Cheers,

Blessings, Love, Thankfulness

Ten Reasons to Celebrate Veterans’ Day

Celebrate Veterans’ Day

There are many reasons to celebrate holidays during this time of year. Today, I’m sharing my ten reasons to celebrate Veterans’ Day on Friday, November 11, 2016.

Image of morning sky--The following image came from by Guilberto-107 with modifications by Pam

You should celebrate Veterans’ Day because:

  1. Our Veterans’ do what is HARD – they put THEIR lives on the line to protect OUR freedoms.
  2. Our Veterans’ do not always come HOME after giving of their TIME and their LIVES.
  3. Our Veterans’ Families GIVE more than we can ever IMAGINE of their LOVED ONES for US.
  4. Our Veterans’ sacrifices GIVE us one VERY precious gift – the RIGHT TO VOTE–We should ALWAYS remember and EXERCISE that right at EVERY election, not just the ones we agree with or don’t agree with.
  5. Our Veterans’ go away from THEIR homes to foreign lands to PROTECT our RIGHTS, which means WE can then AGREE to DISAGREE without FEAR of being arrested practicing FREEDOM of SPEECH, FREEDOM of PRESS, FREEDOM of ASSEMBLY, & FREEDOM of PETITION.
Image of Poppies in England-British War Memorial--The following image came from by Stuart Miles
Image of Poppies in England-British War Memorial–The following image came from by Stuart Miles
  1. Our Veterans’ go in harm’s way to ASSURE us the RIGHT to WORSHIP or NOT to WORSHIP — FREEDOM of RELIGION.
  2. Our Veterans’ VOLUNTEER to SERVE our country to ensure all SEXES – Male AND Female have the RIGHT to acquire an EDUCATION of his or her CHOICE.
  3. Our Veterans’ work to keep SAFE the borders of our Country that enables us FREE movement interstate and intrastate without FEAR of REPRISAL, SEARCH, or SEIZURE.
  4. Our Veterans’ practice and DEFEND the LAWS of the Land that enables us to have the FREEDOM to travel around the World and be able to come back home.
  5. Our Veterans’ give the ultimate sacrifice of their lives (physically, mentally, and emotionally) so that we have the RIGHT to Work HARD, LEARN, and DREAM as we PURSUE our ENABLE RIGHTS for the advancement of equality for all people regardless of race, sex, age, disability, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristic.

There are many, many more reasons, but these are some to get you thinking.


Here’s THANKS to my Father and my Mother – Both served in World War II. My mother as a WAC and my father as an infantry man. He also served in Korea.

May Blessings be given to our country, the United States of America.

Write On!
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I Voted Today…I Hope YOU Do Too!


I voted today sticker
I voted…have you?

Today, across the United States, citizens are exercising their right to vote. It is a beautiful day here in the mountains of Virginia. A brisk, cold 35 degrees greeted me as I walked up to our polling place when the doors opened at 6:00 a.m.  In my hands, I held a container of sausage pinwheels to give to our hard-working poll workers. Something I’ve done for them every year for the last twenty years. Hard to imagine it’s been that long. It is hoped each of you have either already voted early, or you plan to vote sometime today!


It is appropriate we have a voting day this week with Veteran’s Day on Friday, November 11. My parents — both my father and my mother — served our country. My mother during WWII as a WAC, and my father in both WWII and Korea. And, my husband served as well during Vietnam.

Many times when I took Dad to the Veteran’s Hospital in Salem for his monthly visits during the last two years of his life, he would maneuver his wheel chair over to a fellow veteran, offer his hand, and say, “Thank you for your service.”

He never waited for Veteran’s Day to thank a veteran. He gave thanks for our veterans’ service each day through his morning prayer and when he read his bible. To me, watching him make an effort to shake each veteran’s hand he saw added to his heartfelt desire to let him or her know that he was glad he saw them, even on the street. To this day, I try very hard to emulate his actions. It is my challenge to me to be mindful of fellow veterans every where. May this election day, after voting, you take up that challenge as well.

Let our Veterans know that you appreciate them, their sacrifice, and that because of that dedication to love of our country, we have this privilege above all else – the Right to Vote!

Happiness to each of you, Always…

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