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The Marine Letsco Trilogy

Happy V. I. P. Reader Info…

As you know, I’ve been working on a new series. While doing so, I have also been giving Book One – The Fire Within a face lift in celebration of the upcoming release of its audio version.

I’m making changes and getting information put together for a V. I. P. Reader Third Quarter Pam’s Newsletter with plans of sending it out in a week or so. This latest newsletter will have news on the release of the audio book of The Fire Within as well as a special sale promotion offered exclusively to V. I. P. Readers first!

Earlier today, I learned that the Pam’s Newsletter sign-up form wasn’t working. I think I have it fixed.

However, you should be able to signup using the link under my image in the right column. Click Read On

Please leave a comment or send me a note at info at pambnewberry dot com if that doesn’t work!!!

Looking forward to having you join Pam’s Newsletter list and be sure to update your preferences after you have subscribed! Remember, I’ll never share your information or your e-mail address with anyone.

Thanks again for your support!
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